Fadi Farhat discusses Hong Kong & BNO status live on Bloomberg Radio

Our legal experts are often invited to share their views and expertise on UK immigration issues by various news networks.

Earlier today (July 2nd, 2020 at 7.30 am), our Senior Legal Officer Fadi Farhat went live on Bloomberg Radio to discuss the recent tensions between Hong Kong and China, and the UK Governments proposal to grant BNO passport holders in Hong Kong a path to British citizenship.

Since the escalation of the tensions, there has been a spike in the inquiries from people in Hong Kong who hold the BNO status about moving to the UK. Moreover, the UK government has made a number of statements recently in reaction to China’s actions enforcing that Hong Kong BNO status holders can come and live and work in the UK for a period of 12 months (which can then be extended) and eventually apply for British citizenship.

Fadi spoke on the Daybreak Europe show with presenters Caroline Hepker and Roger Hearing and stated that there are currently there around 2.9 million BNO status holders in Hong Kong however the number of BNO passports in circulation is very low where the amount today totals 350,000. The remaining amount of people who have the BNO status are allowed to apply for BNO passports and there has been a surge in recent years in applications and inquiries surrounding this path to British citizenship.

Listen below

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