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The comfort for working with a specialist immigration team ranked as top the in the United Kingdom means a lot to our clients.

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 Human Rights

We understand Human Rights better than anyone else. Our human rights specialist lawyers are here to support you through every step.

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 Family Law

Family law is both complex and sensitive, we pride ourselves on our incredible track record of success within this field of law.

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 Corporate Sector

Our corporate clients appreciate the importance of a trusted reliable professional legal partner, we are here to support your business success.

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Whether you are selling or buying property, we offer the essential assistance you require to handle every aspect of your sale /purchase from start to completion.

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 Employment Law

We provide clear, practical advice that is tailored to our client’s needs. Using our in-depth knowledge, we aim to help you resolve any workplace issues.

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We advise both claimants and defendants including debt disputes, breach of contract, partnership disputes, building and boundary disputes with a view to negotiating out of court settlements.

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 Notary Public

Gulbenkian Andonian law firm works with the most experienced and professional notary public in London Mr. Sajo Thomas recognised as senior within his field.

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Experience Reputation Results

Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors is one of the leading internationally recognised full-service law firms in the UK established since 1985. Recognised by the Legal 500 as Top Tier our team of expert solicitors are dedicated to the provision of the very best legal services anywhere.

Our lawyers are considered by many as some of the best in the United Kingdom, known and respected for our extensive experience, unparalleled reputation for delivering the top results every-time. We do not follow a one size fits all approach, rather tailor all solutions towards the individual needs of our clients.

We have received countless commendations from both our clients and the judiciary. Our firm has gone from strength to strength as we embark on our journey to internationalise our presence. With over 4 decades of qualified experience, we have a reputation to deliver top results every-time. Read more about Gulbenkian Andonian.


Family affairs

bernard  Comments (0)
In a recent article I wrote about the forthcoming proposed changes in divorce law following the Supreme Court decision in the matter of Owens v Owens. I explained that the “fault” factor would be removed...

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We want to say this firm is by far the b­est of the best! We went through 3 immig­ration firms in central London and disco­vered Gulbenkian Andonian online and was­ not in the least disappointed!! They w­orked meticulously and left no stone unt­urned! They delivered with flying colour­s and honestly speaking I will always fu­lly recommend this team of amazing lawye­rs! Thank you to everyone for helping us­ in our moment of need!!
Scott Levine
Scott Levine
14:22 06 Jul 18
They are honest, compassionate, reliable, considerate, most importantly they know their job and you will receive services commensurate to the fees charged. They are highly professional. My family and I will recommend them to everyone in need of any of their services. In fact they have been very helpful bringing to a successful end our difficult immigration battle, now we sleep in peace. Thank you for a good work done.
True Grace
True Grace
23:10 25 Jun 18
Finding a lawyer you can trust is not easy, after going to several different law firms in Holborn, I was recommended Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors and I was not disappointed. They have an amazing level of professionalism while being very approachable and highly experienced. I will recommend this firm to anyone! 10 stars **********
darrell tate
darrell tate
15:02 30 May 18
Offered a perfect solution to my citizen ship problem. They fixed everything in a very comfortable professional way. I will recommend this business to everyone, thank you.
Robert Hyde
Robert Hyde
15:16 11 Jul 18
If you are looking for UK Tier 1 expert, then Gulbenkian is the best. Professional, transparent , reliable and always reachable to support your application . I Strongly recommend Gulbenkian.
Mohamed Salah
Mohamed Salah
12:17 22 Jul 18

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  • I highly recommend Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors to any prospective client. Solicitor Mr Hayk Sayadyan and his colleagues helped to secure a positive result after a lengthy period of difficulty in respect of navigating the labyrinth of government forms and protocols. I am completely satisfied with the professionalism, diligence, high level of legal knowledge and sound advice received from Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors. Not only did they inspire confidence but they helped through very difficult processes. I would not hesitate to call them again for future advice and legal services.

    Mr AG

  • We wanted to say thank you very much to Ms Zara Shamal and Mr Dave Vasoodaven and your staff. We are very happy, and we are really looking forward for anything we need in future to work along with you and your staff. Thank you very much,

    Jetmir & Madona

  • We are over the moon. This is a law firm with highly trained professionals who really know what they are about.

    The Clotteys

  • The process was very organized , smooth and well prepared. Gulbenkian team was always available to support me during Tier application.

    Mohamed Salah

    Simply the best for UK Tier visa

  • Hello David, My family and l are so happy for your wonderful advice on my immigration issues which turned out very well.

    Emmanuel Iwuchuckwu

  • We would like to thank Mr F. Farhat for his help and guidance in appealing against the HO family visa rejection.

    Dr D Ricciarelli

  • Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors have been most helpful during my appeal of Home Office decision with regards to my long term stay residency permit.

    Artem Bunchuk

  • Dear Mr.Dave , First of all .I would like to convey my big thanks for you personally and for Mr. Fadi


  • Dear Fadi, I would like to express my gratitude from my recent experience as a client for Mr.Fadi Farhat , during our engagement Mr.

    Jalal Baayou

  • I was stuck in a legal limbo for 6-7 years of my Life - living from one visa to the next, unable to register a business,

    Karen K (33 yrs old) from Russia

  • I came to Gulbenkian Andonian believing that I had no other choices.

    Michelle Low

  • Thanks to Dave and Ali I have resolved all of my Court Appeal problems.

    Thank you so much for (Mr Dave & Mr Ali)

  • If I had not won my Appeal;- i would not have been able to see my child in the UK..

    Resolved issue (allows me to be close to my son)

  • I am so happy with the result i received this week, I would like to thank the whole team at Gulbenkian Andonian . In particular the work of Hayk and Mr Dave

    Mrs. Opra Hingis

  • Me and my husband were absolutely petrified about the upcoming appeal.

    Mr Ali did an amazing job for my appeal

  • We are pleased by our outcome and all the effort you have put in and appreciate you passing on without delay all relevant information.

    Thank you Ali

  • I want to say how grateful i am to Dr Bernard who has managed to obtain ILR for me in circumstances

    Shariera Ahmed

  • Dear Dr Andonian, Thank you so much for obtaining for me leave to remain under the 20 year rules.

    Gordana Static

  • Dear Dr Andonian,My wife and I were so pleased how you handled our tier one entrepreneur application. thank you so much .

    Farah Hussein

  • Dear BernardThanks for dealing with my marriage case and for guiding us in the right direction throughout

    Gita Wyatt

  • Thank you Mr Andonian in obtaining for me my residence document. I am so happy that i can now live in England permamently.

    Ms. Eucharia Uchenna Ezisi

  • Dear Dr Bernard am very happy thank you for getting me my stay permit for 5 year

    Mr Fatos Vulag

  • I was delighted to get my ILR Dr Andoinian. thank you.

    Mr. Abdul Karim

  • Dear Mr Bernard, Thank you for all your help and Fadi is really great ;

    Mona Al Hussaini

  • Dear Dr AndonianMy husband and i wish to come to see you and fadi and to thank you for the way my husbanbd's

    Mrs. N Dosange

  • Dear Bernard,Thank you so much for completing my spouse visa and guiding us thoughout the process .

    Gina Bladder

  • I thank you for sorting out with Hayk my investor visa just before the change of the new rules

    Davit Karapetyan

  • Dear Dr AndonianThank you for looking after me and my Family. Thanks to you we have now a new life in the UK.

    Javid Shah

  • Dear Bernard,I was so pleased to receive my residence permit .

    Mrs. Kaur Akbar

  • Dear Bernard.I heard today that my son was granted naturalisation as a British Citizen, all thanks to you !

    Mrs. N Baker

  • Dear bernardThank you for obtaining ILR for my daugther who can now look forward to her studies

    Mrs. Nihar Chatterjie

  • May i thank you a million times for your kindness and patience in sovling my Family's

    Vartan Vartanian

  • Dear Bernard,I was very happy that you managed with your team to obtain the ILR for my paretns and brother, all of whom are so elated.

    Diana Armen

  • Dear Bernard,Thank you so much for all you have done for our daugther Bee

    Josephine Graver

  • I would like to express my gratitude to Dave Vasoodaven and Zara Shamal.

    Lateef Jimoh

  • If it wasnt for the support of Mr Dave Vasoodaven & Mr Ali Sahlabadi at Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors,

    Mr & Mrs Chaves

  • Ali I just wanted to say that i am very grateful to you for everything!!!

    I want to thank you for all your support

  • I am so gald that you prevented the home office from sending me back to Albania. May God bless you Dr Andonian.

    Mrs Vulage

  • Dear Andonian,you were really great in findng a solution for me to stay here in England.

    Mrs. Misra Beg

  • Dear Dr Andonian.I was very much impressed by the speed and effeciency with which you handled my father's

    Mrs Maheen Jafari

  • I have not spoken to my son for the last year. Thanks to the efforts of the solicitors


  • I really appreciated your help with my Family Law matter and for your continuous support.


  • Dear Sirs:Re: Mr Ali Sahlabadi, Trainee Solicitor

    Client Anonymous

  • I write to thank you for your advice and guidance in dealing for matters on my behalf.

    BV & AA

  • Life can get very difficult at times and occasionally we all need professional help;


  • Naseem Kadri, she has always made me feel assured, confident and more than just another case or client.

    Abdul Azeem

  • Thank you very much for all your help, your work on my case was outstanding.

    Dr. N. Babatunde

  • I had a long and a very complex history of different visa issues, and I have always been reluctant to pass it into any third party's hands.

    Aliya (Thank you for all the help)

  • Hayk represented and handled all our Family’s immigration cases, applications

    Youseff El S

  • I would like to say a big thank you to Hayk Sayadyan who was very supportive and professional from day one.


  • I came to the office both depressed and unstable...

    Mathew Upton

  • A home is the most important element in ones life thank you for providing

    Martin G

  • The myraid of issues we faced with intellectual property were all explained and solved in such a professional...


  • Thank you for clearing up the confusion of the probate process and helping my father with his final will.


  • I am very pleased with the result of my employment matter.


  • Thanks for handling my case and getting a winning result! I cannot tell you enough how grateful I am for all the support you have given during my distress with my employment matter. All thanks to you that my grievance has successfully been withdrawn.





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Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors & Notaries
Since Britain voted to leave the EU on 23 June 2016, and due to the uncertain state of affairs from then till now, there has been a rush by British citizens, particularly those who travel on a frequent basis to Europe for business, to obtain Irish nationality due to parental or grand parental connec
Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors & Notaries
Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors & Notaries
The #best way to #end a busy week is for a client to give #thanks to #Solicitor Mr Hayk Sayadyan and Client #Relations #Manager #CarolineGardner after #winning leave to remain!

“Thank #you #very much for your kindness #heart #bless you and thanks to Mr Hayk for his #hard #work #God Bless him.”

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#British citizens rush for Irish passports And #EU citizens rush for #settled status

The #best way to #end a busy week is for a client to give #thanks to #Solicitor @hsayad+Relations #Manager @CaroGardner after #winning!
“Thank #you #very much for your kindness #heart #bless you+thanks to Hayk for his #hard #work #God Bless.
#Gulbenkian #Andonian
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