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Gulbenkian Andonian is a leading immigration law firm with decades of experience acting for individuals and businesses in the UK and worldwide.

Our clients feel secure knowing that their case is in the hands of immigration experts who will work tirelessly to resolve even the most complex immigration issues.

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UK Immigration

A Team of Immigration Lawyers in London Ranked Top Tier by the Legal 500

immigration lawyers & solicitors londonAs a top tier firm, we have been serving clients for nearly 50 years achieve their ultimate UK immigration objectives. When you instruct us, you will be working with one of the most respected immigration teams in the UK, who can assist you in all areas of immigration law.

From our office in London, we can assist you with all UK visa applications for entry clearance,  including work visas, business visas, student visas, spouse visas, fiancé visas, settlement applications, asylum applications and more. 

We can also professionally assist and represent you through complex immigration matters, including administrative reviews,  immigration appeals and judicial reviews.

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Our Immigration Law Practice Areas


Our immigration lawyers in London offer high-quality personal immigration services for individuals who are seeking to live and work in the United Kingdom. We have a deep understanding of UK law and can help you navigate the complex process of obtaining a visa, indefinite leave to remain, UK citizenship and more. 

Immigration Services for Individuals We Specialise In

If your UK visa application is declined, you may have the option to request an administrative review. This process involves an internal reassessment conducted by the visa office. You can determine your eligibility for an administrative review by referring to the refusal letter you receive.

In cases where the refusal of your visa application has an impact on your Human Rights, you may have the opportunity to file an immigration appeal. Our team of immigration solicitors can help you challenge the decision through a formal legal process of referring the case to immigration tribunals, with the aim of having the decision reconsidered.

If both administrative reviews and immigration appeals do not lead to a satisfactory outcome, or in other certain specific situations, you may explore the option of an immigration judicial review. This involves a court examining the lawfulness of the decision made regarding your visa application. It focuses on whether the decision followed the correct legal procedures and complied with the law.

For individuals in the UK looking to bring their spouse, civil partner, fiancé, or unmarried partner, our team can help you create a strong application for the relevant Family Visa. These applications require proof of a genuine relationship and often, a financial requirement must be met to demonstrate the ability to support the incoming family member without public funds. The specific visa type—spouse, fiancé, civil partner, or unmarried partner—will dictate the exact criteria and evidence needed for the application process.

Within the UK’s immigration framework, there exist regulations pertaining to long-term residence, which can pave the way for settlement, also known as “Indefinite Leave to Remain.” The 10-year residence rule enables those who have maintained lawful residency in the UK for a continuous decade to apply for settlement. Similarly, the 20-year residence rule provides an avenue for individuals who have resided continuously in the UK for two decades to seek settlement, irrespective of their prior immigration history.

Achieving indefinite leave to remain, also known as permanent residence, means you can live permanently in the UK without any immigration restrictions. This status can be secured through various routes, including under family visas, employment visas, long residence, or exceptional circumstances.

Permanent residency applications generally require individuals to show evidence of lawful residence in the UK over a certain timeframe, often spanning 5, 10 or 20 years, depending on the chosen immigration route. Applicants must also fulfil specific requirements, such as passing English language proficiency and life in the UK tests.

British citizenship and passport applications involve the process of acquiring British citizenship and obtaining a British passport and the steps to follow for those seeking to become British.

Naturalisation is the process by which foreign nationals can become British citizens and involves meeting the eligibility criteria, residence requirements, and the application procedure for individuals wishing to naturalise as British citizens.

Further Leave to Remain is a UK immigration route that permits individuals already residing in the country under temporary visas to extend their stay. This extension can be sought for various purposes, such as employment, education, family reunification, or exceptional circumstances. To obtain this extension, applicants must meet specific eligibility criteria and furnish compelling supporting documentation to justify their continued presence in the UK.

If you wish to bring family members to the UK to join you, such as your parents, their eligibility and the process depend on your circumstances. Your family members may apply for visas as dependents, provided you meet the specific requirements.  This can all be achieved under the Adult Dependent Relative Visa, a UK immigration route that allows for the reunification of family members with those legally residing in the UK as British citizens or settled persons.

Discretionary Leave to Remain in the UK is granted outside the standard immigration rules, typically on compassionate or exceptional grounds. It’s considered when an individual does not qualify under specific visa categories but has compelling reasons to stay, such as family ties or significant human rights considerations. Evidence of exceptional circumstances is crucial. This type of leave is temporary and subject to review, and individuals must demonstrate the unique nature of their case to be considered for this status.

In the UK, victims of domestic violence holding a spouse or partner visa have a dedicated pathway to secure Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) based on domestic violence. This framework within the UK’s immigration regulations is designed to afford protection and independence to those who have suffered abuse within their relationships. To apply, credible proof of the domestic abuse must be presented, including, but not limited to, medical records or police reports. The evidence must also corroborate that the relationship was authentic and has deteriorated solely due to domestic violence. Successful applicants will be awarded ILR, enabling them to settle permanently in the UK, free from immigration constraints.

For individuals who have had their EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) application refused in the UK, there are specific steps to challenge the decision. If an EUSS application is refused, applicants might have the right to request an administrative review or an immigration appeal, particularly if there are profound implications on the applicant’s rights. The process involves providing additional evidence and legal representations to support the appeal. It’s important for those affected to act promptly, as such challenges are subject to strict time limits. If successful, the applicant may still be granted settled or pre-settled status, maintaining their rights in the UK post-Brexit.

Visitor visas for medical treatment which can be known as “medical visas” are visas that are granted to individuals who can show that they have a medical condition that needs attention and a treatment plan.

In UK immigration law, “private life” revolves around an individual’s entitlement to have their private and family life respected and protected. This can serve as a foundation for seeking permission to remain in the UK, particularly when the applicant has established substantial ties within the country, like establishing long-term residence, family connections, or other profound considerations.

Overstaying a visa can be a serious problem with consequences including deportation, bans on re-entry, and difficulties in obtaining future visas. It is crucial for individuals to comply with visa expiration dates and take appropriate legal steps to resolve their immigration status to avoid overstaying. If you have overstayed your visa, our immigration team can guide and represent you in normalising your stay.

We can also professionally assist you through all other visa applications, including but not limited to child residency, adopted persons of British or settled persons, asylum applications, Brexit issues, deportation issues, deprivation of citizenship and more.  Call us to discuss your case. 

UK Business Immigration Services

business immigration services

Our corporate business immigration lawyers can professionally assist and represent your company with all its business needs, including sponsor license applications, and securing skilled worker visas for employees and assisting with the application process for permanent residency. We can also process a number of other business immigration routes including the innovator founder visa applications, global talent visa, high-potential individual visas and more. 

Areas We Specialise in

The Skilled Worker Visa is a pathway designed for individuals with valuable skills and qualifications who aspire to work in the UK. This visa category offers opportunities for skilled professionals to contribute their expertise to the UK job market. To secure this visa, applicants must meet specific skill and job offer criteria, ensuring that their skills are in demand and beneficial to the UK economy.

The Innovator Founder Visa is tailored for entrepreneurial minds with innovative business ideas. This visa route encourages the establishment of innovative startups in the UK. Applicants must present a compelling business plan that showcases their innovative concept and potential to contribute to the UK’s entrepreneurial landscape.

Skilled Worker Sponsor License Applications are a pivotal step for UK-based employers who wish to employ foreign nationals. Obtaining a sponsor license is a rigorous process that involves demonstrating compliance with immigration rules, including the ability to meet sponsorship duties and responsibilities. Once granted, the sponsor license allows employers to recruit skilled workers from around the world.

The Start-Up Visa route is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to establish innovative and scalable businesses in the UK. To qualify, applicants must have a unique business idea that has been endorsed by an approved endorsing body. This visa category encourages innovation and entrepreneurship, providing a pathway for individuals with promising business concepts to launch their ventures in the UK.

The Global Talent Visa is a prestigious UK immigration route aimed at attracting individuals with exceptional talent and expertise in various fields, including science, technology, arts, and academia. To secure this visa, applicants must obtain an endorsement from a recognised endorsing body in their respective field. This endorsement serves as a testament to their outstanding accomplishments and potential contributions to the UK. The Global Talent Visa also offers the freedom to work, research, and innovate in the UK, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.

Overseas Business Extensions offer foreign entrepreneurs on the former “sole rep visa” the opportunity to extend their original business visa.

Government Authorised Exchange Visas facilitate international cultural exchange and collaboration. These visas are designed for individuals participating in approved exchange programs, such as research, training, or academic exchanges. These programs contribute to cross-cultural understanding and skills development.

High Potential Individual Visa applications cater to individuals who have demonstrated exceptional talent and potential in their respective fields. This category includes the Global Talent Visa and the Innovator Visa. To qualify, applicants must secure endorsement from a recognised endorsing body. This visa route acknowledges and welcomes individuals with exceptional skills and expertise to contribute to the UK’s growth and innovation.

Minister of Religion applications allow religious leaders and ministers to come to the UK to work within their faith communities. Applicants must provide evidence of their qualifications and the sponsorship of a recognised religious institution. This visa category facilitates the practice of religion and spiritual leadership in the UK, ensuring that faith communities can access the guidance and leadership they require.

Sportsperson Applications are tailored for elite athletes and sportspeople who wish to compete or participate in sporting events in the UK. To qualify, applicants must obtain sponsorship from a recognised sporting body. This visa category promotes sporting excellence and allows talented athletes to showcase their skills on the international stage, contributing to the UK’s sporting achievements.

We have extensive experience dealing with all types of business immigration matters, and we can help your company navigate the often complex and confusing legal landscape. Call us.

UK Visa Extension Services for Individuals and Businesses

UK visa extension services for businesses and individuals

For individuals who have already obtained a visa and are living in the UK, securing an extension is a crucial aspect of maintaining their legal status. However, this process can generally be quite complex and stressful, with many legal requirements and documentation to consider. At Gulbenkian Andonian, we have a team of experienced lawyers and solicitors who can provide expert guidance and support throughout the process. 

We will help you understand the legal requirements of extending your visa, gather the necessary documentation, and navigate any challenges that may arise during the process. Whether you are extending a family visa, marriage visa, work visa, student visa, or any other type of visa, we are here to help. With our assistance, you can gain the peace of mind that your visa extension is in good hands.

For businesses operating in the UK, securing a visa extension for employees is crucial in ensuring the smooth running of operations. Whether it’s extending a work visa for a skilled worker or a business visitor visa for a short-term stay, a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa extension or an extension to the Overseas Business visa, the process can be complex and can also be time-consuming. This is where our business immigration lawyers can provide guidance and support throughout the visa extension process, ensuring that you and your employees can continue working in the UK without interruption and it is business as usual. 

Our solicitors stay up-to-date with the latest changes to the law and will provide you with the most recent and relevant UK immigration advice about laws and regulations and can help you navigate any challenges that may arise during the process. With our assistance, you can focus on running your business with the peace of mind that your employees’ visa extensions are being taken care of by professionals. 

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Immigration Refusals - How We Can Help

how Gulbenkian Andonian immigration solicitors can help with UK immigration and visa refusals

Receiving a negative decision from the Home Office regarding your visa or settlement application can be a frustrating and distressing experience, whether you are an individual, family member, or business. However, we assure our clients that there is typically a solution to such situations. 

Refusals can be issued for various reasons, but it is important to remember that a wrong decision can be challenged through an administrative review, or in some cases, by submitting a new application. Moreover, it may also be possible to appeal to the First-Tier or Upper Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) or under certain circumstances, request a judicial review.

In the event of a refusal, our immigration solicitors recommend that clients gather all relevant documents and correspondence before consulting with us. Our solicitors will promptly evaluate the situation, investigate the precise cause of the refusal, and determine the available appeal rights.

After careful analysis, we will present all available options to our clients and assist them in deciding which to pursue. As time is often of the essence, we work diligently to ensure that appeals or administrative reviews are filed within the deadline. Rest assured, regardless of the situation, we will take significant steps to overturn your negative decision.

If you have received a negative decision from the UK Home Office and want to explore your options, speak with a member of our immigration team who will tell you of the best path forward. 

Deprivation of UK Citizenship - Helping Individuals who are being Stripped of their British Citizenship

As one of the top law firms specialising in deprivation of UK citizenship, our immigration solicitors will provide you with the legal support and representation you need in the case that your UK citizenship is being revoked. Our specialist immigration solicitors will protect your rights, assist you in navigating the administrative processes and court proceedings, and assist you in identifying the best course of action for your situation are all goals of ours. Be confident that Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors will handle your case with the utmost professionalism, secrecy, and commitment.

We will fight for your rights and look into every alternative, from performing a thorough analysis of your case to putting up a powerful legal defence. You can rely on us to look out for your interests and immigration needs.

Our goal is to assist people who are being denied UK citizenship for no good reason. We are aware that every case is distinct, and we carry out a thorough analysis to identify probable grounds for appeal. In addition to legal assistance, we offer full support, including direction on other immigration alternatives. You may be sure that our knowledgeable staff will handle your case with discretion, professionalism, and the utmost commitment.

"One of the UK’s leading teams of specialist immigration and nationality practices, acting for businesses and for individuals" (The Legal 500, 2020)

Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors is recomended by the legal 500 for our work on UK immigration and Nationality lawWe are proud that the Legal 500 considers Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors as one of the UK’s Top-Tier Immigration and Nationality Law Firms. Private and commercial clients choose us because we are leading solicitors that specialise in UK immigration and have won numerous awards for our legal services in this field. If you choose to work with us, we can assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Why You Should Hire Gulbenkian Andonian Immigration Solicitors in London

At Gulbenkian Andonian, we care deeply about our clients and understand the real-life implications of immigration decisionsOur team has over 100 years of combined experience and the most up-to-date knowledge covering all areas of UK immigration and nationality law., where we have handled over 15,000 successful immigration applications over the last 38 years.

Our immigration law firm was established in 1985 by Dr Bernard Andonian and Paul Gulbenkian who are top rated UK immigration solicitors and immigration judges. Both of whom are members of the Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association (ILPA), a professional association made up of barristers, solicitors, advocates and legal advisers.

Our managing Partner, Dave Vasoodaven, further strengthens the firm with his expertise in business immigration and significant roles in international and regional legal associations.

We are fully authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), which means we meet the highest standards for client service, ethics, and legal advice in the UK and internationally.

Another benefit to choosing us is our multi-lingual team who can speak English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German, Farsi, Urdu, Hindi, Malay, Armenian, Russian and Arabic

Recognition and Awards - We Pride Ourselves on Our Successes.

Our firm has established a strong reputation in the areas of UK immigration and human rights law, with our founder, Dr. Bernard Andonian, recognised in the Legal 500 Hall of Fame for landmark cases such as Shah and Islam (HL) and Baumbast and Rolet (ECJ). 

Over the years have won multiple awards for Best UK Immigration Law Firm where we have been celebrated in “Best Lawyers“, Corporate Live Wire and more.  

We can proudly say that we have a 95% success rate in immigration appeals and have received numerous judicial commendations. 

With a high-profile presence in media as UK immigration experts we have received endorsements from major companies like Sky and Toyota. 

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Our immigration solicitors in London will never paint you a false picture. We will tell you straight and fully disclose any obstacles and solutions to your dilemma, so no time and money are wasted. 

We treat every immigration case and client individually and dedicate time and effort to finding the best legal solution. 

If you work with us, we will ensure you receive an exceptional service from the point of contact. Whether you call us or email us through our website, we will reply to you swiftly and connect you with a lawyer best suited to your case for an initial consultation. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about UK Immigration and Nationality Law

Immigration lawyers represent clients in applying for a whole variety of UK visa applications alongside residence and citizenship applications in the UK. They represent applicants before the Home Office and are ready to fight for their clients and appeal decisions if an application is refused at the first instance. Learn more about when to hire an immigration lawyer.

The cost varies and depends on what kind of application you are pursuing and how complicated the work will be. 

Our fees are transparent, and we explain them in detail from the beginning of your case. You will know exactly what to expect and can rest assured that the fee that is quoted will be the final cost of the work. If additional work is required, we will inform you of the cost so that you can decide whether to proceed. This way, you are always in control.

Our firm offers clients help and assistance with ALL UK immigration services. This includes standard visa applications, student visa applications, family life applications, work visas, business visas, British citizenship and indefinite leave to remain applications, appeals and judicial reviews and anything else that one can think of related to UK immigration. Our experienced immigration lawyers have worked on thousands of successful cases and have an outstanding track record of success. Members of our legal team also excel in complex human rights areas such INTERPOL Red Notice and Extradition Challenges

Yes, in fact, UK business immigration is one of our most popular services. We have decades of experience helping corporate clients do business with the UK through UK Business Visa applications, Sole Representative applications, Skilled Worker Visa applications, Sponsorship Licenses and much more.

There is a common belief that hiring an immigration solicitor in central London may be more expensive than hiring one from another part of the UK.  This is not always the case and generally depends on quality of the service. 


Yes, that’s totally fine; our immigration lawyers and solicitors can help you & give you immigration advice no matter where you are in the world. We help people from all over the world remotely from our offices in London and have helped thousands of clients in this way. Whether you are in London, the UK or outside, we will take care of everything for you so that you can put your mind at ease and know your case is in the right hands.

Our immigration lawyers based in London can assist individuals who are experiencing delays in receiving a decision on their visa or settlement application from the Home Office. Home Office delays can be due to a poorly prepared application or mistakes made by the Home Office itself, as it might be overwhelmed by an influx of new applications.

Even if an individual has already submitted their application, they can still seek our representation. We can offer a service where we will communicate with the Home Office on your behalf to determine the cause of the delays and take appropriate action to speed up the process for you.

At Gulbenkian Andonian, we have a thorough understanding of the UK immigration process and can quickly identify whether any delays are the fault of the Home Office or due to other factors. We will work between you and the Home Office to develop a plan of action and ensure that the application is processed in a timely manner.

Our goal is to take control of the application and push the Home Office to resolve any issues, so our clients can have peace of mind that there will be no further delays.

The Home Office’s Premium Super Priority Service is a lifesaver for those who cannot wait for their visa applications to be processed by post. By using this service, applicants can receive a decision on the same day of their application. 

As a registered representative with the Home Office, Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors is proud to offer a complete fast-track service that takes care of everything. We’ll assist applicants in booking a fast-track slot for you. 

Our fast-track service includes the following:

  • Preparing a detailed cover letter outlining the facts of the case
  • Liaising with the authorities where possible
  • Accompanying clients on the day of the appointment with one of our clerks to make the process smoother (if necessary)
  • Handling everything else involved in the application process, including ongoing liaison with the authorities

It’s important to keep in mind that appointments for same-day submission can only be scheduled up to six weeks in advance. Trust us to take care of your fast-track visa application with expertise, speed, and efficiency.

Additionally, all applicants, including child dependents, must attend the appointment. Please note that the Premium Service can not be used in a number of immigration categories, such as long residence, EEA applications, and citizenship. 

Furthermore, obtaining a visa or gaining immigration status in the UK is only one aspect of relocating to the UK, and we recognise that you might also need to review your tax and wealth-management arrangements and purchase a new home here. In addition to our immigration expertise, we have specialist Litigation, Employment, Corporate, Human Rights, Property and Family solicitors, which allow us to offer a very comprehensive and complimentary range of services, all within one firm, to our clients who are relocating to the UK.

We have over 35 years of experience helping clients from the UK and worldwide. Our global exposure has allowed us to build a multilingual team that can assist you in French, English, Italian, Vietnamese, Farsi, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Ukrainian, Turkish, Armenian and more, all in-house.

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