How to Book Life In UK Test?

This article aims to answer many questions and queries that we receive from immigration clients who need to take the life in the UK test. For your benefit, we outline the following frequently asked questions such as what reforms have take place on the life in the UK test, what documents you need to book the test, what kind of questions you can expect, how to prepare for the test and also the big question of does life in the UK test expire?

What is the Life In The UK Test?

If you are applying for settlement (indefinite leave to remain / permanent residence) or British nationality, you will have to fulfil The Life In UK Test requirement. This test is basically a general knowledge test about British traditions, basic laws, procedures and customs. 

The test is 45 minutes long, consists of 24 questions and costs £50 when booking online. In order to pass the test, you will have to get at least 75% of your answers correct.

Recent Life In The UK Test Reforms – December 2019

On December 17th, 2019, the Home Office somewhat reformed its rules on The Life In UK Test and implemented two specific changes.

Firstly, candidates who sit The Life In UK Test will no longer get a letter consisting of a ‘test reference ID’. Rather, candidates will now get a ‘Unique Reference Number’ (URN) digitally, which will be needed as part of the application procedure for settlement in the UK or British citizenship naturalisation.

The second change is related to the ID requirements for applicants when taking the test. This change requires a candidate to reveal their ID and have an actual photo taken in order to validate it. If an acceptable ID is not given, the candidate will not be allowed to sit the test and will not get a refund of the £50 which must be paid when scheduling the test on the Home Office website.

What documents do I need to book the test?

When you book The Life In UK Test online, you must provide the following information:

  • Residential address details
  • Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) reference or passport number
  • Debit or credit card
  • Email address
  • Further details related to any special requests

When was The Life In The UK Test introduced?

The Life in the UK test was introduced in 2005 and has been part of the UK immigration application process since this time.

What kind of questions can you expect in The Life In UK Test?

There are a number of questions from various topics that make up The Life In UK Test and they are as follows

  • Questions that test your knowledge of traditions and culture from around the UK
  • Questions on the process of becoming a citizen or permanent resident
  • Questions related to values and principles of the UK
  • Questions related to the UK government and the law
  • Questions on the events and people that have shaped the UK’s history

How to Prepare for The Life In  The UK Test?

There are many resources available for candidates to prepare for The Life In The UK Test. These include:

  • Revision Books such as this one, click here
  • Mock online exams which can be found here
  • Consulting Top Immigration Lawyers in London, who can also help you prepare and take care of your whole application process for you.

How to Book Life In UK Test?

In order to book your space to sit the life in the UK test you much do it directly through the UK government website please click the link below and follow the instructions.

⇒ You can book your Life In The UK Test by clicking here.

Does Life In The UK Test Expire?

Many who are practising to take the life in the UK test ask our legal team the question, does life in the UK test expire? Well, under the current rules, there is nothing to state that your results from the life in the UK test expire. On the contrary, we have dealt with many individuals who have taken the life in the UK test years ago and can still use their results as part of their IRL and British naturalisation applications.

Refunds for The Life In UK Test

As stated at the beginning of this article, you as an applicant must pass The Life In UK Test with a mark of 75%. If you do not, you will fail the test and will have to take it again and will not recieve a refund for the failed attempt.

Moreover, you will not recieve a refund if you brought the wrong ID with you on the day, you were ill, you were late, you did not bring the right documents or you did not cooperate with the policy on having your photo taken.

Criticisms of The Life In UK Test

Since its creation in 2005, The Life In UK Test has come under a fair amount of criticism from UK politicians, community leaders and members of the general public. Criticisms include that the test is irrelevant and unfair as it asks many questions about UK history and culture where a large majority of long-lasting British citizens and residents would have a hard time to respond to.

In recent years the test was criticised by the former Home Secretary, Sajid Javid (then who said the test resembled more of a ‘pub quiz’ and was not fit for its intended purpose

There has also been a petition to support such criticisms that calls for the test to be changed on the basis that its questions do not represent the reality of British life and states that the test should be of a more contemporary nature. This petition was closed early, on 6 November 2019, due to the UK General Election. It is most likely to be restored when the new Petition Committee is back in full working order.

How can Gulbenkian Andonian Help?

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