The Elite Partnership International

The Elite Partnership International, a member of Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors, is a UK-based legal services provider whose mission is to deliver the highest quality legal services to Chinese and other international clients. It aims to maintain a high standard of legal expertise, innovative technology, attention to detail, and excellence in client care.

The Elite Partnership International desires to establish itself and Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors as the most innovative and responsive legal services that anticipate and address the real problems and challenges of their clients. It recognises that striving towards total client satisfaction is the only route to business success.

The Elite Partnership International aims to continually evaluate its corporate goals, to find better ways to conduct business, and exceed its clients’ expectations.

There are currently five members in the Elite Partnership International who have sufficient experience in legal consultating. They focus on both the domestic legal environment in the UK and that of the international at large. They regularly hold or attend events in the Chinese community to provide consultations for the Chinese people studying, working, or settling in the UK regarding their matters in different areas of law. The members and the Elite Partnership International have successfully gained an excellent reputation. In the future, the Elite Partnership international plans to popularise such events to other communities in the UK.

The Elite Partnership International deals with but is not limited to laws in immigration, property, family, commercial, civil litigation, employment, intellectual property, and wills and probate. The Elite Partnership International will try to render excellent services and effective solutions to all its clients.

Team Members

Yang (Angela) NING

Yang (Angela) Ning has worked in business and has been an OISC advisor of a private company for 10 years. She is also active in running services for students such as creating  exchange programmes, recruiting overseas students and placing them in UK institutions, arranging gap year programmes for UK students and also helping students with visa services. 

Ms Ning has an great reputation withing the international students’ recruitment industry in the UK. As an OISC level 1 advisor, she has helped a large number of non-UK nationalities to apply for UK visas, especially focusing on students, Innovator/Start-up sand Skilled Worker routes. 

Ms Ning is a qualified Mandarin/Cantonese translator and also carries out interpreting services.

She is a director of The Elite Partnership International Ltd, a member of Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors.

Ms Dongqi LI

Ms Li is the founder and Chair of two Chinese companies established in 2004 and 2017 respectively. Both of the companies are situated in the northeast of China, one engaging in the design, construction, and management of resource recycling projects and the other aiming to build a leading domestic industry acceleration service platform based in northeast China.

She also has obtained LLB and LLM degrees in China and has long-term working relationships with top law firms in China.

Ms. Li is also the director of The Elite Partnership International Ltd, a member of Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors.

Mr. Lifeng (Leon) GAO

Mr. Gao has many years of cross-industry operation and management experience and can quickly establish marketing channels in new industries and accumulate rich contacts in China and the UK.

Mr. Gao is the founder of an education company that has offices in Beijing and Birmingham and successfully supports hundreds of Chinese students of various ages to study and live in the UK.

Mr. Gao is also the co-investor in projects, such as Birmingham Central High-speed Rail Business Circle, Light House Residential Project and Wellington Hotel in downtown Birmingham.

Mr. Yue GU

Mr. Gu is currently dealing with property development.

He is also running a business to provide high-end tourist services, whose customers are also potential investors to the UK. The main field his customers would like to invest is properties.

Mr. Gu used to be the director and marketing manager of a private college. From those working experiences, he has developed strategic thinking, strong operational delivery ability, and management skills.

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