Regional Public Law Advisory Firm Of The Year

Founded in 1985, this firm is one of the UK’s leading specialist immigration, human rights , asylum, nationality and public law.

The firm is led by Dr. Bernard Andonian and Dave Vasoodaven, two of the most experienced immigration practitioners in this country, specialising in all aspects of UK immigration law with a particular emphasis on immigration litigation .

Mr. Fadi Farhat heads up the Appeals and Public Law department where it has seen unprecedented success since August 2015. Mr. Farhat has carried out his own advocacy in the First-tier Tribunal and Upper Tribunal in over 160 hearings since September 2015 with a remarkable success rate as well as strategically supporting a team which oversees hundreds of successful statutory appeals. The firm aims to provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ service whereby it carries out all work on behalf of clients from initial applications through to appeals and in-house advocacy.

The firm also features skilled and competent lawyers such as Mr. Hayk Sayadyan, Mr. Jahed Morad, Mr. Henry Lau and Ms. Zara Shamal all of whom work hard to achieve remarkable results for their clients at every level.

Do not take our word for it – what Judges have said in 2017 “I find merit in the submissions of Mr. Farhat…” Judge S. Aziz (5th June 2017) allowing an appeal on mental health grounds in the First-tier Tribunal

“I also considered a skeleton argument helpfully provided by Mr. Farhat, to whom I am grateful.”

Judge C Greasley (29th November 2017) in the First-tier Tribunal “Mr. Farhat submitted, in recognition of his duty of candor…” Upper Tribunal Judge Bruce (27th October 2017) allowing an appeal in the Upper Tribunal“…as explained in Mr. Farhat’s skeleton argument…” Judge Kimnell (25th October 2017) allowing an appeal in the First-tier Tribunal

“It is – as Mr. Farhat very fairly acknowledged in the course of submissions and discussion – entirely accurate to say…” Deputy Upper Tribunal Judge I A Lewis (27th September 2017) sitting in the Upper Tribunal

“As properly suggested by Mr. Farhat…” Deputy Upper Tribunal Judge Grimes (3rd October 2017) allowing an appeal in the Upper Tribunal

“I accept Mr. Farhat’s submissions…” Upper Tribunal Judge Plimmer (10th January 2018) allowing an appeal in the Upper Tribunal

“I accept the submissions made by Mr. Farhat on these points…” Judge Adio (8th September 2017) allowing an appeal in the First-tier Tribunal

“…skilfully put questions in supplementary examination-in-chief…” Judge Telford (29th January 2018) in the First-tier Tribunal