What is the Parent of a British Child Visa UK?

According to the UK Immigration Rules, overseas parents of a British child or child with an Indefinite Leave to Remain status can apply for a visa to come to the UK. The Parent of a British Child Visa UK permits the parent to live with their child in the United Kingdom. However, this is easier said than done. In order to get a Parent Visa UK, the parent (applicant) must submit their application with all the necessary requirements and documentation. Section EC-PT: Entry Clearance within Appendix FM in the Immigration Rules sets out the requirements of parent route clearly. 

Since the refusal rate by the Home Office for Parent Visa UK applications is high, it is vital that legal advice is sought. At Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors, we specialise in this domain. Our experienced lawyers can provide you with all the details and quality guidelines that you need to apply for the Parent of a British Child Visa UK and qualify successfully.

Here are the basics that we think every applicant and sponsor should know when the question How to bring parents to the UK?’ or ‘Apply for a Parent of British Child Visa UK’ comes into consideration.

Parent of a British Child or Child with ILR

In order to qualify for a Parent of British Child Visa UK, you must:

  • Reside outside the United Kingdom.
  • Make a valid application for your visa meeting suitability requirements, as given in Section S-EC Appendix FM. 
  • Meet legal requirements, such as relationship requirements, financial requirements and English language requirements.

Relationship Requirements

You should be 18 or above while your child must be:

  • Under 18 years of age
  • Living in the United Kingdom
  • Either settled in the UK or be a British citizen

In addition to this, you, the applicant, should be able to justify that you have the sole parental responsibility for the child. Also, the other parent with whom the child lives currently is:

  • Settled in the United Kingdom or is a British national.
  • They are not your partner.
  • You are not eligible to submit an application for a partner visa.

Furthermore, you also need to provide evidential proof of the following that:

  • You are solely responsible for your child as a parent.
  • You have access rights to your child.
  • You play an active role in the upbringing of your child with the intention to continue doing so.

Financial Requirements

You must provide evidence that:

  • You’ll maintain as well as accommodate yourself and the child in the United Kingdom without the use of public funds.
  • The accommodation available is owned or occupied exclusively by you and your family and that it will not be overcrowded or contravene the public health regulations.

English Language Requirements

When applying for a Parent of British Child Visa UK, you, the applicant, must provide evidence that you:

  • Are a national of a majority English speaking country as mentioned in the Immigration Rules.
  • Have successfully cleared the English language speaking and listening test at a minimum of level A1 of CEFR.
  • Are academically qualified from an institution that the UK NARIC recognises as equivalent to the standard of either Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the UK. 
  • Are 65 and above or disabled; thus, exempt from meeting the English Language requirements. 

Evidence of Access Rights to the Child

In order to qualify for the Parent Visa UK, you must provide evidence of Access Rights to the Child. This includes the following:

  • A contact or residence order that is granted by a UK court.
  • A sworn affidavit from the parent already residing in the UK or the child’s caretaker/guardian. This affidavit should:
  • Confirm that the applicant (parent applying) can have access to the child.
  • Provide a detailed description of the arrangements to allow this. Also, if in the event where the contact is supervised, then the supervisor should swear the statement and be certified by and swear before a legal officer.

Moreover, if the parent applying for the visa doesn’t have the child’s sole parental responsibility, then they should provide relevant evidence that shows that the caretaker or parent who lives with the child normally is settled in the United Kingdom or a British citizen. 

The evidence in this regard includes documents like:

  • British passport.
  • Foreign passport that endorses with ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain).
  • Letter from the UK Border Agency that confirms that the person is a UK resident.

Grant of Visa

If you meet the above-stated visa requirements, you’ll get a visa for 33 months. However, this visa shall be subject to the condition that you can’t use public funds. In case, you fail to meet the visa requirements, then your application request will be refused.

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