Khanh obtained a BSc Honors Degree in Information Systems Management. However, his entrepreneurial spirit got the better of him and embarked on businesses in the UK. The working experiences gained as an entrepreneur gives him the edge from understanding target market to identifying business needs. His business acumen is exemplary.

Khanh is currently the chairman of the ASEAN UK Business Forum, affiliated to the ASEAN (10 countries) High Commissioners and Ambassadors and has a huge role liaising with companies and individuals in the Far East in order to create niche market for them and help develop their businesses in the UK. He plays a central and important role for the business communities both in the UK and the Far East to discover and maximise business opportunities through participation in trade missions held as and when the need arises. Many businesses have benefitted from Ken’s all round input ranging from startup to providing local expertise and adapting to trading strategies.

He sees the shift in the global economy as an opportunity to explore the markets in the Far East and has since been actively organising trade missions between the UK, the Far East and China.

Outside work, Khanh is a very keen musician and composer, he plays the keyboard, drums and piano. He is a keen participant in the local community and helps out with Student Vietnam UK (SVUK); this includes acting as technical director for their annual live music show with his contacts from the film industry. He is a man of many talents.


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Khanh Minh Ho

Khanh Minh Ho

Principal Entrepreneurial Strategist