A 15+ qualified investment banker with a solid academic background. Farag is a member of the CFA institute and UK CFA society. His professional experience is supported by a strong academic credential earned through his MSC of Economics, MBA and his present PhD research at the University of Birmingham. Farag has built and turned around hundreds of SMEs and Midcaps. He has advised in the financial restructure of largest investment conglomerates across the Middle East. Farag has advised Société Générale and other financial groups to start their non-depository banking businesses. Farag has been consultant to various investors, entrepreneurs, and start-ups before he has joined Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors in 2017. He is currently assisting with the development of professional business plans for the firms Tier 1 applicants which is strong requirement for business entrepreneurs seeking to develop a sound commercial foundation.


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Ibrahim Farag

Ibrahim Farag

Investment Strategist