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Why Choose Our Interpol Lawyers in London?

Being served an Interpol Red Notice can be an overwhelming experience. Our primary goal is to assess the legality of your Red Notice and to fight for you to contest any that are unjust.

Addressing a Red Notice swiftly is highly advisable. Our experienced interpol solicitors are ready to assist you in navigating this situation, providing guidance every step of the way. We recognise the potential adverse effects a Red Notice can have on your freedom and reputation. Thus, we approach each case with efficiency and discretion.

With our extensive network of international legal contacts, we can work with you to resolve the issue of a Red Notice with the country that issued it. Even in the event of potential extradition, rest assured our commitment to your defence remains unwavering.

What Exactly is an Interpol Red Notice?

An Interpol Red Notice is a request issued by the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) that serves as an extradition request to alert law enforcement agencies and border authorities for potential arrest during border crossings. This can often make individuals feel confined within the borders of a particular country and reluctant to travel for fear of detention.

Such notices are generally issued by nations looking to provisionally arrest someone with an extradition intention. Countries like Russia, Ukraine, and Moldova have, at times, used Red Notices to target political rivals or business figures, for example.

It’s vital to note that Interpol’s notice cannot facilitate an arrest or criminal prosecution. It is rather a global alert for wanted individuals for issues like financial crime, cross-border criminal investigations, and other relevant cases. It does not ensure those who have been issued one must be arrested. 

In fact, Article 3 of Interpol’s Repository of Practice prohibits any intervention or measures of a religious, political, military, or racial character. All Red Notices must strictly adhere to the guidelines established by Interpol’s Constitution and Rules, keeping in line with the spirit of the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”

Our legal team specialises in criminal defence and challenging Interpol red notices and has a track record of success to prove it, ensuring our clients are protected from potential misuse.

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How Our Expertise Can Benefit You in a Red Notice Situation

The emotional toll of a Red Notice on individuals and their loved ones is undeniable. Our dedicated Interpol Red Notice lawyers will prioritise your protection and well-being throughout the procedure. Depending on the specific circumstances surrounding your case, our assistance can include:

  • Engaging with Interpol pre-emptively to discourage the issuance or to advocate for the withdrawal of a Red Notice.
  • Advising on potential avenues to contest a Red Notice.
  • Collaborating with legal representatives in the instigating country to revoke the arrest warrant.
  • Liaising with UK authorities to ensure the non-applicability of a Red Notice within the UK.
  • Ensuring the legitimacy of Red Notices, particularly in instances where member states might manipulate Interpols protocols.
  • Expert representation to challenge extradition requests, ensuring your rights are upheld.

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What Sets Our Interpol Solicitors Apart from Other Interpol Red Notice Firms?

The process of handling extradition and Interpol matters are far from simple. They require a keen eye for detail and a thorough understanding of international crime laws. Our Interpol solicitors in London boast a wealth of experience in this specific legal area, ensuring you are equipped with the most informed advice tailored to your situation.

Our reputation and legal presence across the UK, alongside our global affiliations, grant us the unique advantage of communicating directly with officials in the member state that issued your Red Notice, strengthening our ability to contest it effectively. Recognising the gravity of such notices on individuals and their families, our defence lawyers approach each case with compassion and dedication, keeping you informed at every juncture.

Our Interpol Lawyers in London Offer:

A Tailored Approach: Every Interpol case is unique. We customise our approaches based on your individual circumstances, aiming for the most favourable result.

  • A Tailored Approach: Every Interpol case is unique. We customise our approaches based on your individual circumstances, aiming for the most favourable result.
  • Transparent Communication: We are committed to keeping our clients fully informed at each stage, providing clarity and peace of mind.
  • Proven Track Record: Our successes speak for themselves. We possess a track record of effectively assisting clients in Interpol-associated issues within London.

Don't Delay in Addressing Your Red Notice

If you’re faced with an Interpol Red Notice, time is of the essence. Reach out to our expert team immediately. For a preliminary, no-commitment discussion, kindly contact our leading Interpol Legal Expert, Fadi Farhat at 0207 269 9590. Alternatively, you can reach us online, and one of our legal experts will quickly respond.

FAQs about Interpol Red Notices

An INTERPOL Red Notice is a global alert sent out to notify member countries about a wanted person, typically for the purpose of extradition. It acts as a warning to arrest someone when they cross international borders. However, it’s crucial to understand that a Red Notice is not an international warrant to arrest someone.

Not necessarily. A red notice isn’t an arrest warrant. It is only a request for cooperation from local law enforcement. However, being issued one for your name is still very concerning. The decision to arrest someone based on a Red Notice is at the discretion of the individual country where the person is located. The policies or considerations may vary based on the country. 

While it’s possible for Red Notices to arise from civil disputes or political motivations, they must adhere to INTERPOL’s Constitution and Rules. INTERPOL aims to ensure that Red Notices are issued for genuine criminal concerns and not misused for minor or personal matters.

If you believe a Red Notice has been issued against you incorrectly or unjustly, it’s advisable to consult with legal professionals familiar with INTERPOL procedures. They can assist in removing the Red Notice, communicating with INTERPOL, working with the requesting state to withdraw the arrest warrant, or engaging with authorities in your current country to clarify the notice’s status.

Yes. A Red Notice is an alert for member countries about a wanted individual and acts as a request for their arrest with a view to extradition. An extradition request is an official procedure in which one nation requests another to send back an individual to face legal charges or fulfil a prison term. While a Red Notice can lead to extradition proceedings, they are distinct processes.

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