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Why Trust Our Extradition Lawyers in London?

immigration lawyers & solicitors londonExtradition can be pursued if an individual faces accusations or has been found guilty of an offence or crime in a foreign country.

Gulbenkian Andonian is renowned for its vast expertise in countering extradition requests. Recognised as Top Tier by the Legal 500 for our work on Human Rights Law, our expertise is unmatched in this area of law in the city of London and the UK.

Additionally, should the need arise for an appeal, our professional extradition lawyers have decades of experience representing individuals before esteemed institutions such as the High Court, District Judge, and even in Supreme Court to ensure their rights are protected.

Extradition Law Explained

Extradition is a legal process through which one country formally requests the surrender of an individual who is wanted for criminal prosecution or to serve a sentence in that country. The Extradition Act 2003 enforces the process into types of extradition, determined by whether the extraditing nation is categorised as a Category 1 territory or Category 2 territory.

Category 1 – EEA countries where the European Arrest Warrant provides an expedited process through a streamlined process. 

Category 2 – This is a more complicated process where the requesting state seeking extradition might be required to demonstrate substantial evidence to support the request for extradition.

Both categories need to align with the European Convention. At Gulbenkian Andonian, we focus on leveraging human rights challenges to extradition requests.

The extradition order can be quite sudden. It’s vital to secure specialist extradition counsel as soon as possible, especially when it becomes evident that there’s an active criminal law probe.

There’s potential to engage the lawyers in the requesting country, which might prevent any formal extradition arrangement with the UK.

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Who Have We Helped With Our Extradition Expertise?

Our clientele includes British citizens facing overseas extradition requests and international elite individuals who seek our guidance against politically driven extradition requests and more. Furthermore, international governments often approach us for insights on extradition practices.

Our legal expertise and influence spans multiple countries: from European nations, Asia, North America and parts of Africa.

Since the UK departed from the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) system, we have been tasked and successful on numerous occasions in guiding individuals through requests in this post-Brexit phase. Our firm also deals with the increasing demand of extradition requests from non-EU nations, especially Russia, the CIS, India and the US, with its focus on financial misconduct and fraud issues. 

It’s worth noting that even without a formal extradition arrangement with the UK, special negotiations can be arranged. Our network of international solicitors enables us to offer comprehensive advice regardless of the source of the extradition request or the location of associated parties and properties.

The nature of relevant laws emphasises the importance of seeking expert extradition advice as soon as one suspects a potential extradition threat.

  • Deep Expertise: Our team boasts years of specialised experience in handling complex extradition cases, ensuring you’re in capable hands.
  • London-Centric Approach: Situated in London, within a close radius of Westminster Magistrates’ Court, we’re well-versed with the extradition laws of England and Wales and have strong relationships with local courts and authorities.
  • Client-Centric Service: Every client is unique, and we provide personalised legal strategies tailored to your specific situation.

Our Success Stories

Our Extradition Services

Tackling extradition differs significantly from domestic prosecution cases.

From managing international asset safety to potential political harassment risks, our forte lies in strategic counsel to clients. 

When necessary, our extradition solicitors collaborate with our firm’s other departments, encompassing immigration, family law, and dispute resolution.

Understanding the reputational implications, we also team up with our adept reputation management team, especially for high-visibility cases, to shield clients from damaging publicity.

Our affiliations with organisations like the European Criminal Bar Association, International Bar Association, and AIJA strengthen our network of international connections with global lawyers, enhancing our client outcomes.

If there have been an attempt to extradite you to another country, please contact our experienced extradition lawyers in London.

How Our Experienced Extradition Solicitors London Can Help You

Often, we advise clients before the initiation of extradition procedures, such as INTERPOL Red Notices, which frequently serve as early warnings of impending extradition cases. Our extradition solicitors in London have the skills to either liaise with authorities to prevent extradition entirely or to advocate for a favourable outcome post-extradition. Timely preparation is pivotal to have defences ready against potential arrests or official requests.

The initial phase in an extradition scenario entails a bail proposition. Ensuring a robust bail package for court presentation is crucial. When an extradition appeal emerges, we provide guidance on statutory, technical, and human rights-based defences. Various defences against extradition range from human rights guarantees to scrutinising the extradition appeal’s content.  UK laws also present several bars to extradition, encompassing time lapsed, double jeopardy, and health concerns.

We pride ourselves on compiling compelling evidence against extradition and have built partnerships with international specialists and NGOs to bolster client defences.

Our Services Extend to:

  • Extradition Hearings: Comprehensive representation during extradition hearings, ensuring your rights and arguments are presented effectively.

  • Bail Applications: Expert assistance in securing bail during extradition proceedings.

  • Appeals: Should the need arise, we provide robust representation during extradition appeal processes.

Key Benefits of Choosing Us

Strategic Approach: We meticulously plan our defence strategies, ensuring the highest chance of success in preventing extradition.

Transparent Communication: We prioritise keeping our clients informed, ensuring you’re consistently updated on the status and subsequent steps.

Proven Success: Our track record in successfully challenging extradition requests in London speaks for itself.

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FAQs about Extradition

Challenging an extradition can be based on several grounds, including:

  • Human Rights Violations: If there’s a legitimate worry that requested person for extradition might be subjected to torture, cruel or inhumane treatment, or other violations of their human rights in the country making the request.

  • Flawed or Absent Evidence: If the proof submitted by the requesting country is inadequate or flawed to substantiate the alleged offence.

  • Political Offences: Extradition might be contested if the crime is deemed political in nature.

  • Potential for Unfair Trial: If there’s a substantial risk of prejudice or an unfair trial in the requesting state.

  • Passage of Time: If the passage of time since the alleged offence is excessive, and extradition would be unjust or oppressive.

  • Double Jeopardy: If the defendant has been tried and convicted, acquitted, or punished for the exact same offence in the past.

  • Health Concerns: Serious health issues might be considered, especially if the extradition could exacerbate the person’s condition.

The timeline for the extradition procedure can vary significantly based on various elements. Factors influencing this duration include the complexity of the situation, the grounds of challenge, the legal jurisdiction in question, and the individual’s stance on the extradition. In situations where the individual isn’t resistant to the extradition, proceedings may conclude quickly, spanning a few weeks to some months. However, if the person challenges the extradition and possibly appeals against any initial decisions, the process can extend to several months or even years.

Having a London-based extradition lawyer is vital for several reasons:

  • Expertise in UK Extradition Law: The complicated nature of the UK’s extradition framework demands an adept understanding. A solicitor or law firm based in London possesses an extensive knowledge of the particularities and intricacies tied to the UK’s treaty stipulations and legal processes.

  • Local Court Familiarity: Having a thorough familiarity with London’s judicial infrastructure, including its judges and overall legal environment, offers a strategic advantage during extradition procedure.

  • Immediate Accessibility: Given that many extradition hearings and related proceedings take place in London, having a lawyer based there ensures timely representation without the need for long-distance travel or coordination.

  • Network of Professionals: A London-based lawyer will likely have a network of related professionals such as investigators, barristers, and experts who can assist in building a strong defence.

  • Up-to-date Knowledge: The present Extradition laws and precedents are subject to change. A lawyer regularly practising in London will be well-informed of the most recent changes and developments in the particular legal field.

Both extradition and deportation concern the removal of an individual between countries. However, they’re distinguished by their intent and the scenarios triggering them. Extradition is a structured legal procedure where a nation seeks the handover of an individual either for the intent of criminal prosecution for a crime or for them to fulfil a sentence for a crime of which they’ve already been found guilty.

It often involves legal proceedings of treaties between countries and can be challenged in court. The individual’s criminal actions are the focal point, and the process considers the legal systems of both the requesting and requested countries. 

Deportation, on the other hand, refers to the removal of an individual on the grounds of their immigration status or its violation. It is a decision made by immigration authorities rather than the judiciary. Reasons for deportation can include overstaying a visa, committing certain crimes, or disregarding immigration rules.

Yes, an individual can consent to their extradition, effectively waiving their rights to challenge it. This is known as “simplified extradition”. When someone consents to extradition, the process is expedited, avoiding the typical legal proceedings and possible appeals. The person acknowledges the charges or conviction against them in the requesting country and agrees to be surrendered without contesting. 

Though an individual might initially agree, there could be a limited period during which they can reconsider their decision. However, the ability to do so largely depends on the legislation and protocols of the country requesting the extradition. It’s crucial for persons to grasp the consequences fully and, preferably, seek expert advice from legal professionals before making a decision to waive their rights.

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