Corporate Activity

No matter what type of business you are running, when you need to move it to the next level through acquisition, or when you want to sell your company and reap the rewards, you will need the services of a professional legal team to deal with all of the complexities and necessities. Whether a large or small transaction, the same level of attention and care is necessary t ensure that the deal goes through without a hitch, and therefore ensuring that the highest standards are maintained across the board is essential.

Preparing Businesses For Sale

Preparing a business for sale by performing a legal audit that ensures the company is up to date with the necessary legal requirements is the first step that any company owner must take. A team of skilled solicitors with specialism in the corporate sector can help to value and market the business to any potential buyers through corporate finance partners while ensuring that only fully skilled and qualified individuals handle the business.

Buying and selling a business is a stressful and demanding experience, however a team of skilled solicitors will be able to help monitor the case by offering straightforward, clear advice that is on a more personal and relatable level than simply the negotiation of a technical legal agreement. While having the expertise, experience and knowledge of the legal complexities of purchasing, MBOs and sales is essential, it is also important to be able to use that information and apply it in a user-friendly way to smooth the path of purchasing and selling for business owners and to keep them informed throughout the process.

Workplace Pension Schemes

One key element in the field of legal corporate activity relates to workplace pension schemes. This is an area in which there has been considerable legislative change in recent years, and it is vital for all companies to stay abreast of changes and to remain compliant. A skilled legal advisor with specialism in the area of corporate activity can use their detailed and in-depth knowledge of pension law to address the issues that companies face surrounding business survival, affordability, retirement saving options and HR policies. Employers are facing increasingly complex choices when it comes to workplace pension schemes and a pragmatic and constructive approach is necessary to ensure that employers do not face excessive costs or difficulties in managing the scheme in the future. Obtaining legal guidance and advice to ensure compliance with the law in its current incarnation is essential to avoid future legislation. Another element that needs to be borne in mind when it comes to corporate activity is the field of employee benefits. Companies need to maximise retention and reward policies while remaining tax efficient, and therefore obtaining professional and expert legal advice in this regard is vital.

Mergers & Acquisitions – Their Pension Implications

Corporate activities like mergers and acquisitions often involve complex pensions elements, especially if the companies involved have a legacy defined benefits scheme. A team of professional corporate solicitors can help to prepare appropriate warranties and comply with due diligence, looking at all regulatory aspects of any defined benefits scheme and determining whether or not the transaction could result in activity from the trustees of the pension scheme or whether there is any potential of a Section 75 employer debt liability. One result of corporate activity in this vein is often involvement of the Pensions Regulator, and seeking professional legal expert advice with this regard is essential, especially if an application for clearance is required. Specialist corporate activity solicitors can also assist with activities post-completion including merging target company’s pension schemes into the business’ own arrangements.

How Can We Help?

Our specialist team of corporate specialist solicitors are able to advise on a broad spectrum of elements with regard to corporate activity including:

  • Offering advice on corporate pension strategies
  • Offering advice on defined benefit schemes
  • Management of DB risk
  • Funding solutions
  • Offering advice on the pension elements of mergers and acquisitions or corporate group restructuring
  • Offering advice about defined contribution arrangements
  • Assessing group risk and health arrangements
  • Outsourcing of contracts
  • Tax issues regarding pensions
  • International arrangements
    As experts in the field of corporate activity, we can offer specialist advice and guidance to ensure your organisation remains in line with legislation and compliance.