Intellectual Property

– Keep Your Business Assets Protected
Asset protection is one of the most important aspects of owning a business yet remains a challenge for many companies. One bracket of assets that need strong and ongoing protection is intellectual property – those assets that can make your business unique in the eyes of the world.

Without adequate intellectual property protection, with a proactive approach and strong legal assistance, a business can lose the rights to their intellectual property and face serious problems with property theft and copying. A comprehensive and effective plan for intellectual property protection can help in many areas of a business, from branding to growth, and even profitability.

What Constitutes Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property are assets that are unique – the result of creative design and thinking. Often, intellectual property is what sets businesses apart from the crowd, the asset can be a brand, a logo, or a new invention or product.

Common types of intellectual property , include:

The look and shape of a product
Written content or physical creations
The name chosen for products or businesses
A company brand or product brand
New inventions or designs
Intellectual property can have one owner, multiple owners or belong to a business, and it can be purchased and sold. There are multiple important laws that manage the ownership of intellectual property in the UK, such as the Trade Marks Act 1994 and the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

The reasoning behind the laws on intellectual property , are in part, to foster an enviroment of creativity in organisations and for self-employed individuals. It gives people the freedom to invest in the development of new ideas and designs, without worry over the immediate theft of the property.

Normally, to protect their intellectual property , a company will seek to gain exclusive rights or rights to a design for a limited amount of time.

What Types of Intellectual Property Protection Can You Get?

The type of intellectual property will determine what type of protection is required to have a legal standing to prevent intellectual property theft. In some cases, multiple forms of intellectual property protection will be required to protect an asset in entirety.

Normally, ownership of intellectual property relies on creating or purchasing the intellectual property and having, either:

  • A Trademark – For property, such as: songs or tunes, the names of products, and company or product logos.
  • Copyright – For property, such as: photographs, articles, books, and films.
  • A Patent – For property, such as: new products, medication, and tools.
  • A Design Right – For property, such as: object shapes, textures, and graphics.
    Copyright and design rights are forms of automatic protection, but trademarks and patents, as well as registered designs, must be applied for. Knowing where you stand with what protection your business needs, is essential to protecting your ideas.

Investing in new ideas takes time and money, intellectual property protection is so crucial because it protects this investment. It gives businesses the ability to protect their ideas, grow their business with unique concepts, and develop their brand to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Legal Services for Intellectual Property Protection and Intellectual Property Disputes

Disputes over intellectual property ownership happen on a regular basis, in small companies, large corporations, and against individuals. Many are settled quickly, but others become high profile cases that can cost businesses millions in legal costs and settlement fees.

Domain name disputes and trademark disputes are two very common cases of intellectual property dispute that can arise, but a dispute can occur over any form of intellectual property .

If you have intellectual property that you want to protect, believe that your intellectual property has been stolen/copied, or your business is accused of intellectual property theft, then it is vital to seek legal advice from top solicitors in London immediately.

Some of the most important legal advice and services for intellectual property , that can help your business, include:

  • Audits for intellectual property
  • Intellectual property protection registration
  • Clearances for use of intellectual property
  • Intellectual property management
  • Litigation services for intellectual property
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Protection programmes for brands
  • Licences for intellectual property
  • The cancellation of designs and trademarks
    Whether you’re self-employed, manage a small business, or run a large corporation, the expert legal advice and services provided by the top London solicitors at Gulbenkian Andonian can assist in any matters regarding intellectual property . From ongoing protection to registration and dispute advice, our corporate solicitors in London are always on hand to provide the highest quality of legal aid.