Corporate Protection – Safeguarding the Future of Your Business

The number of start-up businesses is on the rise, with 660,000 new businesses being established in 2016. As of 2017, more 5.7 million UK businesses were in operation. These startling numbers provide an insight into the thriving nature of the business world in the UK.

However, for each new business established, and for every existing business, competing in an industry comes with an exceptional number of legal issues that need ongoing attention and comprehensive planning. One of the most important areas for any business, is corporate protection – the key to safeguarding the future of any business.

Protecting a business should be a priority, no matter the size of the organisation, the reach, or the exact industry that it operates in. Without protection, a business can face internal and external challenges that can cause serious ramifications, both to the growth of a business and of a legal nature.

What Does Legal Corporate Protection Entail?

Corporate protection covers areas of business management like asset protection, protection from threats and illegal practices, and protection from accusations of illegal practices or lack of compliance to fair business practices. Fair practice, data and property protection, and financial issues, like money laundering and bribery, all fall under the category of corporate protection.

Legal services for corporate protection are designed to provide advice, guidance, and support, when it comes to protecting years of investment in a corporation, persevering the integrity of a company, and putting in place a strategy that provides comprehensive in-house procedures for the protection of a business.

With the overwhelming number of legal matters that every size of business has to cope with in daily practice and through each stage of growth, it is possible for essential regulations and compliances to slip through the cracks. What comprehensive corporate protection services can offer, is a thorough and professional service that will ensure a business always adheres to regulations; from those that are designed to protect data, to those that are designed to protect fair competition.

How Can You Protect Your Corporation?

There are a number of services that can be used to help protect a corporation from internal and external problems, as well as those that can arise as a business grows. Some of the main services for legal corporate protection, include:

  • The protection of data from breaches and mismanagement
  • The protection of intellectual property and disputes over intellectual property
  • Protection against anti-competitive practices and adherence to competition law between businesses
  • Protection and strategies for bribery prevention within a business
  • Protection and advice on the laws surrounding money laundering in businesses
    Having a full strategy in place for each area of corporate protection, adequate employee training, and the right procedures, can help a business to navigate the difficult laws surrounding the operation of businesses in the UK.

Why Is It Important to Stay on Top of Corporate Protection?

Failure to protect a business from cases of financial mismanagement, data breaches, and breaches of fair practice, can result in serious problems for an organisation, both in terms of criminal and civil investigations and in terms of the reputation of the business.

Events like a failure to protect personal data can lead to a lack of confidence in a brand, while the brand itself can be stolen if intellectual property is not protected. Cases of bribery and money laundering can result in immense fines or imprisonment, whilst breaking the competition laws can lead to extensive investigations and raids.

If you don’t know where you stand with some of the main laws that apply to UK businesses, and what are classed as offences, then it can be incredibly hard to establish and grow a company in the UK. From the theft of product ideas to bribery taking place within an organisation, without corporate protection procedures, safeguarding a company in a competitive industry is nearly impossible.

The Benefit of an Experienced Team of Legal Experts

Legal support can come in many forms, from registration, audits, and risk assessment, to counselling, employee training, and dispute management. Having legal advice from top solicitors in London, to address the growing needs of your organisation, is vital. With changing laws and more pressure placed on proper business practices, it is essential to stay up to date with each and every law surrounding UK business operation.

No matter what area of corporate and commerical law you need assistance with, the top London lawyers at Gulbenkian Andonian can help you to better protect your business, stay up to date with the demands of new laws, and establish procedures for comprehensive legal protection. Our professional London solicitors are always on hand to answer any questions you may have about corporate protection.