New Immigration Rules UK 2021 for Illegal Immigrants


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What are the New Immigration Rules UK 2021 for Illegal Immigrants?

The Home Office has created a new plan called the New Plan for Immigration, a document that addresses people who want to apply for asylum and those who have entered the UK illegally.  If you are an illegal immigrant who is seeking for lead advice visit our immigration lawyers page. 

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UN Statistics state that in 2021, there are 26 million refugees worldwide, and the global strategy is to contrast refugees who have arrived via “illegal” routes along with those who have used “safe and legal routes” to enter countries, including the UK. Those who arrive under the latter route are to be regarded somewhat better than the former, creating a two-tier asylum system.

Benefits for “safe and legal” groups can include:-

  • Indefinite leave to remain (ILR) for resettled refugees upon arrival, over five years’ temporary residence, which leads to ILR.
  • A change to family reunion rules that include “unmarried dependent children who are under the age of 21”, who can come to the UK if both their parents are here as refugees already. This is as opposed to before, where children could be under 18 years olds.
  • The Home Office is also thinking about reinstating resettlement schemes. This is a policy change related to the “20,000 Syrians in five years” policy created in 2015. 

Consequences for Those Who Enter Illegally

Under these New Immigration Rules UK 2021 for Illegal Immigrants, immigrants who came to the UK illegally and those who have arrived in the UK after travelling through a “safe third country” such as Greece are going to be given fewer rights than before because of such actions. 

This is because there has been an observation in the UK court system that there have been repeated criminal claims and appeals by foreigners who have not attained the right to be in the United Kingdom. This may result in a wastage of time and even resources, which in turn will result in the judiciary delaying hearing genuine cases for genuine people. The new immigration rules in the UK from 2021 for illegal immigrants have been introduced with the aim of achieving the following objectives:

  • To alter and deal with those living in the UK without the legal right to be there. The new immigration rules in the UK from 2021 will easily remove illegal immigrants from the UK.
  • To ensure efficiency and fairness by guaranteeing that people with genuine needs are given genuine protection and support. This will make big changes.
  • Putting an end to people who illegally enter the UK.

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Are those Fleeing Innocent Citizens Around the World Affected by the New Immigration Rules 2021 for Illegal Immigrants?

The United Kingdom government has a purpose of helping and protecting civilians who innocently enter the country through safe routes for refugees and has helped many people.

New immigration rules in the UK from 2021 for illegal immigrants have made the United Kingdom the home of refugees by:

  • Reuniting families by welcoming relatives through refugee family reunion (RFR).In the past five years, the majority of them have been children.
  • Introducing a pathway for visitors from overseas.
  • Resettlement for those who are misplaced. This, too, the big number applies to the children.

Global Britain will maintain clear routes for all refugees who might be in need and will maintain their freedom to contribute to UK society when they arrive. In order to achieve a safe and legal way to enter the UK, the new UK immigration rule UK 2021 for illegal immigrants will:

  • Ensure long-term resettlement for refugees.
  • Grant the refugees who are resettled permission to remain in the United Kingdom for them to enjoy and benefit from full rights on their arrival.
  • Ensuring the reunion of the families and children’s routes.
  • Support refugees to acquire employment in the United Kingdom by introducing a system where they can access and apply for work.
  • The new immigration rules will ensure that the resettlement program is active and responds to the needs of the refugees, allowing them to settle more quickly.

Travelling in and out of the United Kingdom has been limited by the new immigration rules UK 2021 for illegal immigrants by temporarily staying for six months. This may apply in the cases of tourists or those visiting their friends and families. The visitors usually do not have a visa for entrance, but they normally seek entrance on arrival as it is set by the Appendix visitor. The immigration rules do not allow visitors to work in the UK unless under permitted activities by Appendix visitors.

How to Prove Your Immigration Status

New immigration rules have allowed European Economic Area (EEA), European Union (EU), and Swiss citizens with settled status to access their rights online. They use the service known as “view and prove “on the GOV.UK website page to produce a share code. Once you have viewed your immigration status, you then click “create share code”, and you will be given a share code with the validity of 30 days.

For you to access your immigration status, the new immigration rules UK 2021 for illegal immigrants require you to produce your share code together with your date of birth to your employer or organization to check your immigration status. Every generated share code according to the new immigration UK 2021 for illegal immigrants is unique and can only be used for specific purposes upon request. For example, the share code for the landlord cannot be used by your employer. New immigration rules in the UK from 2021 for illegal immigrants imply that the purpose of the correct option is vital.

In conclusion, the new immigration rules allow you to update your details through your UKVI account up to date. You can make changes and updates when:

  • Your travelling documents have changed.
  • Your email address or your telephone number has changed.
  • You have changed your name.

Therefore, if you need to access your immigration status, the new immigration rules allow you to do so through the UKVI resolution centre. 

The centre allows you to:

  • Log in to your account and recover it.
  • Updated immigration status
  • Share your immigration status using the share code.

However, if you have problems with your account, our immigration solicitors can be of great help even where the UKVI Resolution centre has not approved your immigration status. We will also be able to assist you also where necessary to achieve your new immigration status in the UK.

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