Limited Leave to Remain and Unaffordable Home Office Fees

In an article from on August 6th 2019, it was stated by a number of people who were interviewed that if you spend the majority of your life in the UK this means nothing. In recent years, the Home Office has been using a much stricter approach towards those on the immigration status of limited leave to remain (which leads to indefinite leave to remain after 10 years) and many young people who have this immigration status are being driven out of the country due to the fact that the fees are increasing drastically and are now on unaffordable for many, alongside them being subject to a never-ending application process and constant examinations of their nationalities.

Many reports suggest that people who are trapped on the “limited leave to remain” status under the 10-year route, for example, feel British, however, the government remains unconvinced and has been on a plight to make things difficult for them to gain a proper status in the country and build their lives within the UK

Top immigration lawyers London confirm that the fees surrounding such applications have trebled in recent years and are driving many into poverty simply due to expensive applications that they must make to the Home Office. People on the leave to remain status do not generally come from wealthy backgrounds most of the time and vulnerable to such an inconsiderate system which does not make their application process simple.

The best immigration lawyers UK enforce that “limited leave to remain” as a status is granted in 30 month periods with strict renewal procedures. Each time one must renew their application there is a fee of £2033which is an extortionate amount for someone who does make a lot of money in the UK. Moreover, if an applicant submits a form late or does not complete it properly, it is more than likely to be refused and this individual will lose their status. One can only apply for indefinite leave to remain for permanent residence in the UK after 10 years of constant renewals of their leave to remain status.

As stated above, many of the people who are granted leave to remain status and have been in the country for longe periods of time feel British but they do not feel safe as cogs within the immigration system of the UK due to the fact that their status can be revoked at any point and they will become aliens in the country that once felt like home.

A statement put out by Boris Johnson a week after he received his position as the new UK Prime Minister indicated that he could be open to giving amnesty to 500,000 illegal immigrants in the UK. But what about people who are on the leave to remain status? what happens to them? Will they continue to be subjected to increasing fees and driven out of the country due to not being able to afford them?

The UK government certainly has a lot to think about with regards to immigration policy and the toughening of home-office rules certainly after this most recent leadership change.

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