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The youth mobility scheme has been opened to Indian nationals as of January 1st, 2022. In this article, our UK immigration solicitors will outline the eligibility criteria and requirements for this the UK’s Youth Mobility Scheme for Indian nationals also sometimes referred to as the Indian Young Professionals Scheme.

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The Youth Mobility Visa UK for Indian Nationals has Arrived

The new UK immigration path for Indian nationals is outlined in Appendix Youth Mobility Scheme, which replaces the previous system known as “Appendix T5 (Temporary Worker) Young People’s Mobility Scheme.”

The old Youth Mobility Scheme was restricted to Indians, but the new scheme is not. However, immigration lawyers London warn that there are several restrictions on the new scheme, including that the program is only open to 3,000 Indian nationals each year. As a result, if you want to apply under the Youth Mobility Scheme immigration route to the United Kingdom from India, you should act fast.

The Youth Mobility Scheme for Indian Nationals Explained

Despite numerous news articles about changes in immigration rules for Indian nationals, the fact is that the existing Youth Mobility Scheme has been expanded to include individuals from India and Iceland.

The Indian Young Professionals Scheme (Youth Mobility Scheme) is a government-run program for young people aged between 18 and 30. 

For an application under this route to be successful, you must meet the following conditions. 

First and foremost, you must be between the ages of eighteen and thirty, come from one country that participates in the program (India being one), and have a residence permit or temporary protection status.

Please note that being successful under the Youth Mobility Scheme does NOT allow the following:

  • A route to indefinite leave to remain or UK settlement – If you are offered a Youth Mobility Scheme place, you may enter the UK only for up to two years, meaning that you will have two years of UK entry clearance.
  • You cannot extend your placement on the Indian Young Professionals Scheme
  • But suppose you manage to stay in the UK under a different visa route after your Youth Mobility Scheme visa has expired. In that case, you can apply for indefinite leave to remain based on the ten-year residence route, as your stay in the United Kingdom under this visa route will count toward meeting the lawful and continuous residence requirement.
  • You can not be in the UK when you make your Youth Mobility Scheme application. You must make the application from overseas.
  • You do not need to seek or be sponsored by a UK employer to secure Youth Mobility Scheme clearance.
  • You can not bring other family members or dependents with you.

Eligibility Criteria for Youth Mobility Scheme 

The criteria for eligibility under the Youth Mobility Scheme are as follows:

You may find that the rules and eligibility criteria for the Youth Mobility Scheme are confusing; do not hesitate to speak with our team of London immigration solicitors if this is the case. 

As the youth mobility visa uk for Indian nationals is a new immigration path, the rules differ a bit for applicants from other eligible countries. 

For Indian citizens – You must do the following to apply for the scheme:

  • Apply in the ballot (explained below) 
  • Prove that you do not have certain criminal convictions, according to the general eligibility criteria for UK entry clearance
  • Pay an application fee (this frequently changes, so do contact us for the latest info)
  • Pay the Immigration Health Charge (this also changes frequently, so do contact us for the latest info)
  • Verify your identity and citizenship. You will need to bring your passport or other papers from a UK Visa office in India.
  • Meet the financial requirement: To be eligible, you must have maintained the required minimum amount for at least twenty-eight days (for more info, contact us)
  • Meet the education requirement – To satisfy the education criteria, you’ll need to have an RQF level 6 or higher qualification and documentation from the institution that awarded you the credential proving your knowledge. Work experience is another option. This implies you must have three years’ work expertise in a job that matches an eligible profession on the skilled occupation list. The UK government creates this list. It is necessary to provide evidence of your Youth Mobility Scheme application. Immigration lawyers like ours can help you decide what kind of evidence would be most convincing for your application.

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The India Young Professionals Scheme Ballot for the Youth Mobility Scheme

If you are an Indian national applying for the Youth Mobility Scheme, you must complete a Home Office ballot process to be accepted. This entails submitting an expression of interest for a scheme place from a group of applicants. 

If you’re lucky, a Home Office official will pick you at random and give you an opportunity to apply for a Youth Mobility Scheme place if you submit your Youth Mobility Scheme application on time. You should not participate in the ballot unless you are ready to make your Youth Mobility Scheme application because your draw is limited in time.

Suppose you’re an Indian citizen interested in applying for the Youth Mobility Scheme. In that case, it’s important to seek legal counsel from UK immigration solicitors who can explain the eligibility criteria and evaluate any alternative individual or business immigration options to help you determine which of your current entry clearance possibilities best fulfils your immigration needs. Please do note that your family and employment circumstances, as well as settlement objectives, will influence these requirements.

Are you an Indian citizen aged 18-30 and interested in the Indian Young Professionals Scheme?

If you are, then you may be eligible to travel and work in the UK under the Indian Young Professionals Scheme (Youth Mobility Scheme). After reading this article, you may think that the scheme is a great opportunity to experience life in another country and gain valuable work experience. It can also help you improve your English skills in the UK. To discuss this more with our experienced team, do not hesitate to contact us.

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