Gulbenkian Andonian Supports Antonia’s Law

Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors is a supporter of Tony Stowell’s proposed Antonia’s Law.

Antonia’s law emerged a result of Mr Stowell’s hard work and dedication leading a campaign to get cameras in care homes after the death of his mother Antonia.

The proposal is that a care home resident requiring care should have a right enshrined in law, should he/she choose, to have CCTV/a camera in his room at his/her own cost to enable family members to monitor them remotely and have peace of mind as to their wellbeing. This will not cost Care Homes any money as it will be paid for by the resident or his/her family. Moreover, only a resident with mental capacity can choose to exercise this right (or his/her Deputy appointed by the Court of Protection if applicable).

Senior representatives of Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors including Senior Legal Officer, Mr Fadi Farhat and Managing Partner, Mr Dave Vasoodaven have worked closely with Mr Stowell (the founder of the campaign) to ensure that the proposal is legally viable and is compliant with GDPR and legislation relating to mental health and mental capacity.

Last Friday, Mr Farhat outlined the proposal and its legal viability to the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock in a productive meeting.

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