Fadi Farhat on LBC Radio

Fadi Farhat, Legal Director, Head of Appeals & Public Law has made an appearance on LBC Radio.

Listen to an interesting explanation of a recent Supreme Court verdict on an immigration matter in relation to a long-running high profile case involving an Albanian national and a deportation attempt by the Home Office.

As ever Fadi Farhat eloquently explains in detail to John Stapleton of LBC radio the reason why this particular high profile case has caught the attention of the press in terms of the longevity and status of the case together with an explanation of the verdict of the Supreme Court.

John Stapleton mentions that Fadi’s explanation has been the ‘most enlightening’ he has listened too in a very long time.

We are very proud of our award-winning team who has maintained our top-tier status with legal expertise that continues to gain notoriety on a daily basis in both the press, public and legal circles on a regular basis.

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