How Can Solicitors Help with Commercial Dispute Resolution?


Commercial disputes can be costly and damaging to a business. As a result, commercial litigation solicitors are often instructed to sort out these disputes.

This blog post will discuss how solicitors can help with commercial dispute resolution and some of the services they provide.

Businesses need to understand the options available to them when it comes to commercial dispute resolution to make the best decision for their company. Contact a solicitor today if you need assistance resolving such a dispute.

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What is Commercial Dispute Resolution? 

When two or more parties have a dispute, it can be resolved through negotiation with the help of lawyers on each side. Litigation should be an action of last resort and only contemplated when all other avenues to settle the dispute have failed.

Management of any business will inevitably face conflict. If not handled correctly, these disputes can quickly intensify into a significant issue that impacts your company’s balance sheet and brand image.

Different Types of Dispute Resolution

The following is a list of the different types of commercial dispute resolution:

  • Disputes over contract terms and conditions can be very frustrating. They often lead to litigation
  • Outsourcing disputes
  • Professional and commercial negligence
  • Competition disputes
  • Business disputes, these cases often involve conflict between shareholders, directors, and other ranking individuals. 
  • Professional insolvency
  • Partnership disputes

When individuals or organizations bring forth claims to pursue financial compensation, they must do so responsibly. The process can be complex and require extensive knowledge about their specific industry laws.

While the process is straightforward once underway, there are many differences between UK legal systems. Gulbenkian Andonian commercial litigation solicitors follow different procedures and offer an extensive range of options that might be best for you.

Benefits of Using Solicitors for Commercial Dispute Resolution

There are many benefits to using solicitors to help resolve such issues. 

Below are some of the advantages of working with professionals:

Some commercial disputes require a legal representative to know about a specific field of commercial or other law. By enlisting professional assistance, you can help ensure that your commercial dispute gets resolved quickly and efficiently.

Solicitors will have extensive knowledge about commercial law, how to complete commercial claims, and what will help you win your lawsuit. Moreover, they are trained in litigation and dispute resolution negotiation strategies. They can help resolve commercial disputes by finding common ground between parties to try and create a situation where everyone is satisfied.

This reduces conflict between both companies or individuals involved. Solicitors’ commercial dispute resolution expertise also ensures that both commercial parties protect their interests. Commercial disputes can be costly, time-consuming, and damage a business’s reputation. 

If you need commercial dispute resolution experts to help with your commercial claim, it is essential to enlist experts who understand businesses and how they work. It will help make sure you receive the best outcome.

How can Solicitors Help with the Process of Resolving a Commercial Dispute? 

Ensure that you are receiving commercial dispute resolution that is effective and helps you receive compensation. Therefore, it is essential to enlist commercial solicitors who have experience with commercial disputes.

Solicitors are trained to handle commercial disputes in a commercial field. They can help you recover your losses to ensure that your business can operate successfully once again.

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Most common methods that Solicitors use for Commercial Dispute Resolution

The most commonly used commercial dispute resolution options are mediation, negotiation, collaborative law practice, and arbitration.

Pre-action discussion – There are many ways to settle lawsuits without going through with court proceedings. The first step in dispute resolution is often asking lawyers who specialize in the field for advice and assistance, so they will work together towards finding an agreement between both parties before it progresses any further than this point.

The most cost-effective option would typically involve having specialist counsel on board from each side – especially since these individuals may have more excellent knowledge about what could lead toward settlement or mediation instead of continuing down traditional litigation routes.

Mediation – is a process primarily focused on helping commercial parties resolve their commercial disputes fairly. A mediator is here to help individuals or businesses agree on commercial issues.

Negotiation – Conducted by commercial solicitors who act as commercial parties to negotiate commercial resolutions that benefit both commercial parties involved in the commercial dispute. 

This method of commercial dispute resolution helps resolve conflicts between two entities.

Collaborative Law Practice – A process where commercial parties voluntarily work with an experienced collaborative lawyer to resolve commercial issues. 

Unlike mediation, this commercial dispute resolution process is confidential, and both commercial parties agree to work with an experienced commercial lawyer to resolve their commercial disputes.

Arbitration – A commercial dispute resolution method where one or more independent commercial arbitrators help commercial parties come up with suitable resolutions for both commercial parties. 

The decision made by the commercial arbitrators is then legally binding.

Conciliation – Conciliation is a process that allows for conflict resolution without having any face-to-face contact. 

It can be used as an alternative to mediation or trial, and early conciliation might help avoid prolonged legal battles where each party has entrenched itself firmly in its position. This last method is pretty much the same as the mediation method.

Litigation – A time-consuming and usually more expensive form of dispute resolution. The UK courts will make an order based on the hearing, which is legally binding for all parties involved in litigation proceedings.

Ensure commercial disputes are resolved in your favor by enlisting commercial solicitors that fully understand commercial law. In addition, by enlisting commercial solicitors who have extensive retail experience, you can ensure you receive the best commercial dispute resolution services for your business.

Things to consider when choosing a Solicitor to help with Commercial Dispute Resolution

The knowledge of the solicitors you choose to help resolve commercial disputes will affect the resolution.

  • Ensure that you choose a person with experience with commercial law related to your line of work. You also want to ensure that they have experience dealing with commercial disputes in your industry.
  • Ensure that the commercial solicitor understands how businesses in your commercial field operate and is capable of commercial resolution for your business
  • Ensure that the commercial solicitor has good commercial communication skills. You want them to be able to clearly explain commercial issues so that you can understand and help you make wise commercial decisions.

How much will it cost to use a Solicitor for Commercial Dispute Resolution?

Most civil litigation solicitors in London charge commercial rates for commercial dispute resolution services. However, you may be able to find commercial solicitors that offer their commercial dispute resolution services at a discount.

Our commercial solicitors are some of the best in the UK and have a strong track record handling complex litigation cases in the past. We have helped thousands achieve tremendous successes over decades. 

We can help you across some of the following areas;

No matter what commercial issues you face, our commercial solicitors are more than prepared to handle them for you.


Instructing commercial litigation solicitors knowledgeable of law can help you receive the best resolution services for your business. 

Gulbenkian Andonian is here to provide you with the most professional legal help and expertise. 

We will work hard on your behalf until we reach a favorable decision, so don’t hesitate and contact us today!

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