Client Testimonial from Mr. Shirko Abid

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Dear Dave & Jahed,

When the Entry Clark Officer (ECO) at the British embassy in Amman refused to release my new British travel document during my interview on 6/6/2006, his decision devastated me as I was left stranded in Amman with no means to travel.

My dilemma continued with the Home Office for at least ten years, during which time I have employed several law firms in the UK, even approached my local MP in Stockport, and even my old friend Jeremy Corbyn MP to bring me back to the UK, but all their attempts went in vain. This is despite the fact that I lived here for 34 years – which was the majority of my life until I traveled to Amman on February 2005 – and being the founder of the award-winning company, B-Plan Information System, which has been running for 25 years.

When my last application for my residency visa was turned down again by the ECO in Amman, I asked my previous lawyer to take my case to the Tribunal court. He did but categorically informed me that he has reached the end, as there is no chance that my application will be successful due to the length of time I have been away from the UK.

At that hopeless situation, I contacted Mr. Dave Vasoodaven of Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors. From day one I felt the deep level of his commitment and compassion with sheer determination to bring justice to my case.

For the first time in ten years, felt that I am in safe hands. Dave and Jahed have professionally structured a strategy through exploring every avenue, in order to build the best momentum that will ensure the positive outcome from the Tribunal court for my residency return visa, which was done.

Thanks to their priceless efforts, within a few weeks I am back to the UK to run my own company with my fingers on the pulse aiming to fuel the company’s growth and resettle again in the UK, which I missed tremendously.

I am really lost for words on how to describe your commitment when recommending your firm to my associates.

Warmest regards,

Mr. Shirko Abid
Executive Chairman