Can you Bring your Partner and your Children to the UK if you are a Tier 4 Student Visa Holder?

Those of you who are on the Tier 4 Student Visa route and have managed to secure a place at a UK university could be eligible to bring your non-EEA family members to the UK during the time of your studies. The current rules in place permit partners and children under the age of 18  to gain entry clearance and join Tier 4 Student Visa holders if some specific criteria are met.

What are the criteria?

If you are a Tier 4 Student Visa holder that is sponsored by a government and has been offered a course for six months or longer or you are a Tier 4 Student Visa holder that is being sponsored by an educational institute at the post-grad level for nine months or longer your dependents could qualify for entry clearance and leave to remain in the UK.

In order to make a successful application, you will have to meet certain financial thresholds called “maintenance requirements” which are subject to change due to a number of additional factors.

  • The length of the course
  • Whether you as Tier 4 Student Visa holder will be studying insider outside London
  • Whether you are currently studying or have finished your course

If you would like to make the application for your dependents, you must provide documented evidence to show the specified amount of funds for a length of time of up to 9 months. The specified amounts are:

  • £680 per month for each dependent if you’re studying outside of London
  • £845 per month for each dependent if you’re studying in London

The above maintenance costs are separate to your personal living costs you will have to prove these as well.

When to make the application?

It is advisable that your dependents apply at the same time that you apply for your Tier 4 Student Visa. Of course, your dependents can apply at a later date however we advise that the applications are done at this at similar times.

If you have been offered a place to study for six months for loss, unfortunately, you are currently not permitted to bring your partner or children to the UK with you.

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