How to Bring Your Wife or Girlfriend to the UK

Bring Your Wife or Girlfriend to the UK

Bringing a partner to the UK involves more than just a desire to live together. There are various visa categories you can choose from, each with unique requirements and processes. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the different routes available to bring a wife or girlfriend to the UK, whether for a brief visit or to settle in the UK.

Understanding the appropriate visa route is crucial to ensure a smooth process and avoid unnecessary complications. From the tourist visa that allows short visits to the spouse or partner visa designed for long-term settlement, each option has specific conditions and prerequisites. We’ll cover four main visa types, including:

  1. Tourist Visa: Perfect for those wishing to visit the UK for a limited duration.
  2. Fiancé Visa: Designed for couples planning to marry within the UK.
  3. Spouse Visa: For those already married and looking to live in the UK together.
  4. Civil Partner Visa: For those in a recognised civil partnership intending to settle in the UK.

Let’s dive into the visa categories to understand your options better.

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UK Visitor Visa

The Visitor Visa or tourist visa is a popular choice for those desiring to bring their girlfriend or wife to the UK for a short period. Whether you want to bring your girlfriend to the UK for a holiday or introduce her to family and friends, this visa category offers flexibility and simplicity. Please note that Tourist Visa doesn’t allow individuals to work in the UK or live there permanently.

The Tourist Visa permits the applicant to come to the UK and stay for up to six months. For those from non-visa national countries (e.g., USA, Canada, Australia), this visa is often granted at the port of entry. If your partner is from a country that requires a visa to enter the UK, a visa application must be submitted before coming to the UK.

Requirements for the Tourist Visa

The tourist visa requirement is usually a bit less stringent than other visa categories to bring your girlfriend or wife to the UK. The requirements include:

1. Financial Requirement

One of the key requirements for a UK Tourist Visa is proof of sufficient funds to support the stay. This might include bank statements, pay slips, or sponsorship letters, demonstrating the ability to cover accommodation, travel, and other expenses without the need to work in the UK.

2. Intention to Leave

Another critical aspect is showing the will to leave the UK at the end of the stay. This might be demonstrated through a return ticket or evidence of ties to the home country, such as employment or family responsibilities.

3. Details of the Visit

Information about where you’ll be staying and your travel plans – you may need to provide accommodation details, flight bookings, etc. If visiting on business, a letter from your employer outlining why you are visiting and evidence of any business activities may be required.

UK Fiancé Visa

The UK Fiancé Visa, sometimes also called the marriage visitor visa, is a route for those planning to marry their girlfriend or proposed civil partner in the UK. It enables your fiancé(e) to come and stay in the UK for up to six months to tie the knot. Unlike tourist visas, this visa category is prepared for couples who plan to live in the UK after their wedding.

The visa is typically valid for six months, giving abundant time for wedding preparations and the actual ceremony. Please remember that the Fiancé Visa does not permit the visa holder to work in the UK during this period. However, after marriage, you can apply for a spouse visa to continue living in the UK and to take part in work or study

Requirements for a UK Fiancé Visa

Obtaining a Fiancé Visa requires fulfilling a number of essential requirements to ensure a successful application. Here’s a detailed look at the requirements:

1. Evidence of Intent to Marry

Applicants must provide concrete evidence of their intention to marry in the UK within the visa’s validity period. This might include showcasing wedding invitations, venue bookings, or affidavits from friends and family.

2. Relationship Status

Applicants must also prove that any prior marriages or civil partnerships have ended for good and that the relationship with the UK partner is honest and subsisting.

3. Financial Requirement

The UK-based partner must satisfy specific income thresholds which is £18,600 (set to rise to £38,700 in spring 2024) per annum or have  £62,500 savings (set to rise to £112,750 from spring 2024) to demonstrate that they can support their fiancée without depending on public funds. They might prove financial capability through job contracts, bank slips, or tax returns.

4. English Language Requirement

Depending on the country of origin, applicants may require meeting certain English language conditions. They may need to pass an approved English language test (like IELTS) or have recognised academic credentials comparable to a UK degree.

5. Accommodation Requirement

The couple must provide proof of reasonable accommodation in the UK. This can be a rental agreement, a letter from a family member with whom the couple will live, or ownership documents if they own a property.

UK Spouse Visa

The UK Spouse Visa, also known as the UK partner Visa, permits those who are married to a British citizen or a person with settled status in the UK to join their spouse in the United Kingdom. It is an excellent option for spouses who hope to live, work, or study in the United Kingdom. This visa category is intended to maintain families together, enabling couples to establish a life in the United Kingdom.

Typically, the initial Spouse Visa is issued for two and a half years. It is then renewable for an additional two and a half years. After five years on the spouse visa, the applicant can petition for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). The Spouse Visa, unlike the Fiancé or visitor Visa, allows the holder to work, study, or be self-employed in the United Kingdom.

Spouse Visa Requirements

To make a UK spouse visa application, you will need to fulfil certain eligibility requirements, including:

1. Relationship Status

The connection between the candidate and their partner in the United Kingdom must be legitimate and ongoing. They must be legally married to their UK partner. This might be demonstrated through communication records, photographs, or joint financial documents.

2. Financial Requirement

Meeting the financial condition for a UK Spouse Visa is crucial. The sponsoring partner must earn at least £18,600 (set to rise to £38,700 in spring 2024) per annum or have  £62,500 savings (set to rise to £112,750 from spring 2024) to demonstrate that they can sustain their spouse without assistance from public funds. This threshold increases if the couple has children.

3. English Language Requirement

Similarly to the Fiancé Visa, certain English language prerequisites must be fulfilled. The applicant may need to pass an approved English language test at a certain level or demonstrate an equivalent qualification.

4. Accommodation Requirement

Evidence of appropriate accommodation in the UK is also necessary. This might include rental contracts, mortgage statements, or letters from family members confirming living arrangements.£18,600 (set to rise to £38,700 in spring 2024) per annum or have  £62,500 savings (set to rise to £112,750 from spring 2024) 

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Civil Partner Visa

A Civil Partner Visa allows individuals in a recognised civil partnership with a British national or someone settled in the UK to live together in the country. Like a spouse visa, the civil partner visa ensures couples can continue their partnership in the UK. It’s designed to help partners who have established their relationship through civil partnership to stay or move to the UK.

The period of this visa is the same as a spouse visa – two and a half years. It can be expanded for the same period, and after five years, the applicant may apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) in the UK. Like the spouse visa, the civil partner visa allows holders to work, study, or be self-employed within the UK.

Requirements for the Civil Partner Visa

Securing a Civil Partner Visa requires careful planning, as it involves several important requirements:

1. Civil Partnership Recognition

The applicant must be in a recognised civil partnership with their UK partner, and the relationship must be authentic and ongoing. Moreover, the relationship must not fall into the prohibited categories. Evidence might include a civil partnership certificate and other documents proving the authenticity of the relationship.

2. Financial Requirement

The financial requirement for a Civil Partner Visa requires the sponsoring partner to earn a minimum of £18,600 (set to rise to £38,700 in spring 2024) per annum or have £62,500 savings (set to rise to £112,750 from spring 2024) annually without access to public funds. Of course, the minimum requirement will rise up if there are any dependents.

3. English Language Requirement

English language skills must be demonstrated by passing an approved test or through certain academic qualifications that are equivalent to a UK degree. 

4. Accommodation Requirement

Suitable accommodation must be available for the couple in the UK. It can be proved through documentation like rental agreements, property deeds, or a letter from a family member offering accommodation.

Please note that the visa requirement for all the visas mentioned above can vary depending on the circumstance. It’s advisable to take advice from an immigration lawyer to determine to understand the requirement better. 

Visa Application Process to Bring Your Wife or Girlfriend to the UK

Whether you’re seeking to apply for a UK Spouse, fiance, or tourist visa, understanding the application process is crucial. Here are the generalised steps you may encounter while applying for these visas.

1. Determine the Right Visa Category

The first step is to identify the appropriate visa route that aligns with your relationship and intentions. Be sure to understand each visa category and choose the most appropriate one.

2. Meet the Requirements

Each visa category has specific requirements that must be met, such as English language requirements, financial requirements, relationship requirements, etc.  

3. Prepare Documentation

Gathering the necessary documents is a crucial step. Depending on the visa category, this may include:

  • Marriage or civil partnership certificates in the required cases. 
  • Evidence of cohabitation and relationship authenticity.
  • NID, passport, and other valid travel documents.
  • Financial documents like bank statements, pay slips, or tax returns.
  • Accommodation evidence, such as rental agreements or ownership deeds.
  • The immigration status of the UK-based partner.

4. Submit Application

Most applications can be completed online through UK Visas and Immigration website. Some visas require applying from outside the UK, while others allow applying from within the UK.

  • Outside the UK: If your partner is applying from outside of the UK, they may need to visit a visa application centre in their country.
  • Inside the UK: If you are already in the UK or extending your stay, you may apply to extend your visa or switch to another category from within the UK.

5. Pay the Fees

Visa applications are accompanied by fees, which can vary depending on various factors. You can check out the exact visa fee from the Home Office website.

6. Attend an Appointment (if required)

Some visa categories may require attending an appointment at a visa application centre. This could include biometric data collection and submission of original documents.

7. Wait for a Decision

The processing of visas duration can vary based on different applications. Depending on the visa category and processing pace, your partner may be able to join you in the UK within a few weeks or months.

How Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors Can Help to Bring Your Wife or Girlfriend to the UK

Bringing your wife or girlfriend to the UK is a significant step in building your life together. But the UK’s immigration rules and regulations can be complex, and a wrong move can lead to delays or even rejection of your application. That’s where the expertise of Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors comes in.

As one of the leading law firms specialising in UK immigration, Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors have helped countless couples navigate the intricate visa process, from the Tourist Visa for short visits to the Spouse and Civil Partner Visas for long-term settlement.

Our expert team of immigration lawyers provides:

  • Tailored Consultations: Understanding your unique situation and guiding you through the right visa path, ensuring that you meet all the necessary criteria.
  • Comprehensive Document Assistance: Helping you prepare and organise all required documentation, from financial proof to relationship evidence, minimising potential issues.
  • Application Support: Assisting you in filling your visa application to the highest standard, thereby increasing your odds of success.
  • Continuous Support: Offering ongoing support through every stage of the application process, including any appeals or extensions that may be required.

Don’t leave the future with your loved one to chance. Trust the proven expertise of Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors to guide you through the complex world of UK immigration law. Contact us today for a consultation, and let us help you make your dream of being together in the UK a reality.


Yes, you can marry your foreign girlfriend in the UK by bringing her through the fiancé visa. It’s essential to meet all the necessary requirements, including proof of intention to marry and financial stability, to ensure a successful application.

The time required for processing a UK spouse visa can vary depending on the application’s complexity, but generally, it takes around 2 to 12 weeks to apply from outside the UK. 

In 2023, the application fee for a UK spouse visa will be £1,048 if submitted from within the UK and £1,538 if submitted from outside the UK.

Based on the grounds for the denial, you may have the opportunity to appeal or request an administrative review if your UK Spouse Visa application is denied. It is advisable to pursue legal advice from an immigration specialist in such circumstances.

Yes, both the applicant’s and the UK partner’s income can be considered toward the Spouse Visa financial criteria, provided you can evidence the sources and amounts through documents like payslips and bank statements.

Yes, if you’re already in the UK on a separate visa category and meet the requirements, you may apply to change to a spouse or partner visa. You’ll need to meet all the standard requirements for this visa route.

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