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Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors is a proud supporter of Antonia’s Law as featured in today’s edition of the Daily Express.

The idea of Antonia’s law began when our client Mr Tony Stowell, started a campaign following the death of his mother Antonia, who had suffered mistreatment during her last years as a resident in a UK care home. Since his mother’s passing, he has been a man on a mission to raise the awareness surrounding care homes in the UK and how there are many residents in them that suffer misconduct and malpractice from staff members. 

Mr Stowell came up with the idea of pushing a campaign called Antonia’s law and the proposal surrounding it is that care home residents must have the right (if they choose) to have cameras in their rooms so that they can be monitored remotely by their family members to make sure that they are being treated well and are safe.

This has been an ongoing fight for the last few years, and it is finally receiving the attention it deserves from both the UK government and the media to raise the awareness of care home misconduct and make sure that it is a trend that is eradicated from society.

Today, another groundbreaking achievement was reached when the Daily Express published an article on Tony Stowell and the Antonia’s Law campaign that also featured our Senior Legal Officer, Fadi Farhat. The article is a follow up to a very important meeting that took place not long ago between Mr Stowell, Fadi Farhat and the UK Health Secretary, Matt Hancock to raise the awareness of this campaign directly with the UK government. Matt Hancock has shown his interest in the issue and said “action must be taken” to make sure that care home residents are kept safe and not mistreated by staff members. 

Senior representatives of Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors including Fadi Farhat and Managing Partner, Dave Vasoodaven have worked closely with Mr Stowell to ensure that the proposal is legally viable and is compliant with GDPR and legislation relating to mental health and mental capacity.

Antonia’s law has received a lot of publicity in local media newspapers in and around the area of Hull in the UK, but today marks a day of great importance for the initiative which has had a big feature in a national newspaper, the Daily Express in an article written by Chris Riches. 

Our firm is monitoring the campaign closely and giving legal support to Tony Stowell. 

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