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Notary Public Services
Sajo ThomasSajo Thomas is an Advocate (admitted to the Bar Council of India -1994), a Solicitor and a Notary Public*. He has attained a wide range of knowledge and skills from his practice of law over the years. He specialises in dispute resolution, civil Litigation and conveyancing both residential and commercial. A fixed fee service offered to budget with some certainty in matters instructed makes him more appealable to his clients. He has represented clients in various landlord and tenant matters, both residential and commercial, in his practice. Sajo has gained vast experience in drafting legal documents both for commercial and individual* ( Power of Attorney, Change of name Deeds, Will drafting, Agreements etc.) clients.His clients have praised him for his forceful and persistent approach and for going the extra mile to ensure a positive result.

Individual Clients

  • Authentication of identity and signatures
  • Documentation, marriage certificates and declarations of single status in connection with marriages overseas
  • Certified copy documents
  • (Passport, documents for abroad, examination certificates)
  • Preparation and authentication of permissions for one parent to travel with children
  • power of attorney signed in the presence of a notary
  • Lost passports, share certificates or other documents
  • Make a statutory declaration, swear an oath or affidavit
  • General notarization of documents for use abroad
  • Notarising documents connected with purchase, sale or transfer property inland and overseas
  • Apostille or other legalisation from a consulate
  • Change of Name Deed, Deed Poll

Business Clients

  • power of attorney witnessed by a notary public
  • Certifying company documents such as resolutions, minutes, accounts and reports
  • Authentication of corporate documents, transfers of patents and trade marks
  • Certification of instruments, certificates and share issues

Notary Public Testimonials

"I had a long and a very complex history of different visa issues, and I have always been reluctant to pass it into any third party's hands.
But I have to say that my decision to be represented (...)"

Aliya (Thank you for all the help)

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