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Business dominates our way of life. They build our homes, transport us, entertain us, inform us and offer us employment . They are the backbone of modern society. Here at Gulbenkian Andonian solicitors, our business lawyers in London have decades worth of experience working for and advising corporations. From starting a business, acquiring shares and assets, and or insolvency.

We are a “Boutique” Commercial Law firm based in the Heart of Central London. We are “Boutique” only in so far as a client of Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitor, you will benefit from the expertise of the large law firm. The difference being, that we provide a personal service WITH direct access to the senior partners in the firm. Some of which include senior judges at the Central London Law Courts.

Our team have decades worth of experience in Commercial Law.

Our Team of Corporate Business Lawyers & Consultants  

With genuinely lower overheads, it is our clients who consistently benefit which means that there are now lower fees for our clients with no compromise on quality and speed of services. Our team has decades worth of experience in commercial law ensuring you the very best foundation towards commercial success.

Our specialist corporate sector of Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors offer a wide selection of corporate services.

  • Corporate Activity
  • Corporate Finance
  • Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Relations
  • Corporate Regulation

With work across the corporate spectrum Gulbenkian Andonian Solcitors are focused on delivering a world class service for the corporate sector, our corporate services will additionally provide a full range of services within corporate protection, mergers and acquisitions, equity capital markets, joint ventures & commercial contracts.

A full detailed listing of services will be available soon.

As specialist corporate solicitors in London and UK, we are able to assist in a full variation of commercial matters.

  • Terms and conditions of all aspects of Commercial contracts 
  • Drafting and negotiating
  • Bank financing including giving of independent legal advice on loans and personal guarantees.
  • Trademark searches and registrations
  • Every other aspect of Intellectual Property

The main areas of commercial law & contract law that Gulbenkian Andonian  Business Lawyers can assist our clients in are as follows.

  • sale of goods, both domestic and international;
  • carriage arrangements;
  • payment and security for international transactions;
  • agency; and
  • the use of conventions such as Incoterms and Uniform Customs and Practice for documentary credits.

Most manufacturers do not themselves sell directly to end users, so contracts which govern the supply of goods to consumers (B2C contracts)

The main sources of commercial law that we at Gulbenkian Andonian together with our Corporate Solicitors have in depth knowledge of include:

  1. the law of contract;
  2. established custom and usage of the trade;
  3. national legislation;
  4. European Union law; and
  5. international conventions.

We at Gulbenkian Andonian solicitors have synchronised teams that collaborate with us in offices in Malaysia, Singapore, China, Vietnam, Germany and Russia. We as such can assist you internationally as well as with local transactions within the UK.

Commercial Suppliers

The fundamental concern of a commercial supplier is how to get his goods to the ultimate consumer in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Most of the contracts can be covered by our corporate solicitors, our firm is designed to achieve your goals, so it is important to understand the steps in the supply chain.

Drafting and Content of a Commercial Contract

Key factors in drafting a commercial agreement are listed below, our team of draftsmen are able to assist our cliental wishes. Our business lawyers will amend and or write contracts to suite our clients best needs.

  1. analysis of the client’s instructions;
  2. establishing the client’s objectives;
  3. not losing sight of the client’s commercial aims;
  4. adapting precedents to fit the client’s instructions, and not adapting the client’s instructions to fit the precedents.

Key aspects of an agreement, a basic checklist for a commercial contract will be as follows:

  1. commencement date;
  2. the parties;
  3. the performances, if any;
  4. definitions and interpretation;
  5. conditions precedent, if any;
  6. agreements;
  7. representations and warranties; ‘operative part’
  8. indemnities;
  9. limitations and exclusions;
  10. ‘boiler-plate’ clauses;
  11. execution clause and signature; and
  12. schedules.
International Conventions and Agreements

The most significant international Convention is the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (‘the Vienna Convention’), which represents a statutory framework of law created by States. In addition, the lex mercatoria (or ‘law merchant’) is a body of ‘spontaneous’ law – law created by standard commercial practices and arbitral decisions. In this section, we will also look at the US Uniform Commercial Code, the UNIDROIT Principles and the Principles of European Contract Law.

Our team at Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors with its comprehensive experience in dealing with laws internationally, are able to balance your requirements and best wishes. As and when our client see fit.

Contractual Disputes
  1. The ‘lifespan’ of a contract can be broken down into distinct phases:
  2. negotiation;
  3. entry into the contract;
  4. performance;
  5. discharge

At Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors, as Corporate Solicitors, we pride ourselves on the knowledge that we can assist you with any aforementioned contractual dispute within London, UK or internationally. Our team is capable and well experienced in dealing with dispute matters, with members of the team having decades worth of experience.

THE BASICS OF HOW A CONTRACT IS FORMED, THE FIRST LAW HUMANITY INVENTED (CONTRACT LAW) The simplest way of understanding how a Contract is formed based upon rules which were set in quite literally stone Centuries ago:-

Before there can be a contract, one party must makes an offer on certain terms, showing intention to be bound, and the other party accept those terms. This agreement must be supported by consideration, and there must be intention to be legally bound by the terms of the contract. At that point the contract comes into existence. Where the commercial contract is in writing and signed by the parties, it will be obvious when this occurs. However, it may not always be clear exactly when the contract was FORMED. Made especially complex if the parties did not sign any form of written document.

At Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors we pride ourselves with having one of the most competent teams of corporate solicitors in London and the UK area. Able to assist you in every aspect of contractual disputes, AND if they have not arisen yet, assisting you to prevent such events happening in the first place.

Our Business Lawyers in London advise on all aspects of partnership :

  • Whether it would be appropriate for you to become a partner
  • Resolution of partnership disputes.
  • Formation of partnerships
  • Preparation of agreements either companies or where minority interests are held.
  • Partnership dissolutions and restructurings.

Finally, as corporate solicitors we have decades of experience dealing with the sale and purchase of businesses whether this takes the form of a sale of business assets or shares and whether we are acting for a buyer or seller:

We deal with the following:

  • Preparing companies for sale including undertaking due diligence and or legal auditing
  • Preliminary steps including structuring issues, heads of terms and exclusivity and confidentiality agreements.
  • Business and share sales and purchases, both international and domestic for private or public companies.
  • We have legal teams working in unison with us all over the planet. 
  • We will be able to provide you with the appropriate legal advice as and when you request it.
  • We can furthermore assist you with MBOs and MBIs.

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