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notary public Services in London and UK

notary public Services for Individual Clients

  • Authentication of identity and signatures
  • Documentation, marriage certificates and declarations of single status in connection with marriages overseas
  • Certified copy documents
  • (Passport, documents for abroad, examination certificates)
  • Preparation and authentication of permissions for one parent to travel with children
  • Power of Attorney signed in the presence of a notary public
  • Lost passports, share certificates or other documents
  • Make a statutory declaration, swear an oath or affidavit
  • General notarization of documents for use abroad
  • Notarising documents connected with purchase, sale or transfer property inland and overseas
  • Apostille or other legalisation from a consulate
  • Change of Name Deed, Deed Poll

notary public Services for Business Clients in London and UK

  • Power of attorney witnessed by a notary public
  • Certifying company documents such as resolutions, minutes, accounts and reports
  • Authentication of corporate documents, transfers of patents and trademarks
  • Certification of instruments, certificates and share issues

Gulbenkian Andonian law firm works with the most experienced and professional notary public in London.